Introducing our gut health challenge

Time for a gut check! When you focus on gut health, you are not only improving your digestion, but your mental health & skin health. One of the most powerful organs in the body, the gut should be treated lovingly! That means fibre, whole foods & lot’s of plant variety. As creatures of habit, we often choose the same dishes or ingredients on a daily basis, leaving our gut bugs longing for something different. 

For the month of April we are challenging you to improve your gut health with our 30 day gut health challenge. Designed to help you support and improve your overall health, our focus is on Nutrition, whole foods & fermented foods, movement & lifestyle. We know that gut health isn’t just all about nutrition, which is why you’ll also find yoga poses for beginners, lifestyle & sleep tips, and affirmations to begin your day with a positive mental mindset.

This challenge isn’t about quick fixes or unsustainable habits, rather giving you, our Kurami community Nutritionist-approved guidance and tips to improve your health. It doesn’t matter if you don’t make every recipe or buy every new ingredient, this challenge is meant to educate and give you inspiration. 

To find out more and to join our gut health challenge, head over to our Instagram where we’ll be posting Nutritionist approved tips and advice, and gut friendly recipes for the whole month. You can also join our growing Kurami community via our newsletter, where we deliver additional resources to help you nourish your body from within. Are you up for the 30 day healthier gut challenge?