Calorie Controlled

Kurami is designed to maintain gut-health and boost the power of food.
Each meal day has been carefully crafted by our dedicated Nutritionist, who has selected each dish to create an enticing and balanced menu for you! 
Our boxes contain 30g of fibre daily, and 30+ plant varieties weekly.
Your mealpath comprises everything you will need for the day. All at an average of 1300 calories per day every week (full box only)

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Popular Questions

When do you deliver?

Our delivery window is between 6:45-9:30. Please indicate any delivery instructions, including safe place, when placing your order. We deliver on the following days: On Monday, you will receive food for Monday. On Tuesday, you will receive food for Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, you will receive food for Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, you will receive food for Saturday and Sunday.

What is in my box?

In your Kurami box you will the meals you have selected above. The contents of your box are designed by our dedicated Nutritionist, and are carefully prepared by our Kurami Team in our London kitchen.

Do your meals contain gluten & dairy?

All Kurami meals are made without ingredients that contain gluten & dairy.

Do your meals arrive ready to eat, or do I need to cook them?

Kurami meals arrive ready to be enjoyed. Simply warm up following the re-heating instructions, sit down, and enjoy.