Q&A with Dr Mayoni

Prepare to embark on a journey of holistic beauty and transformative wellness as Kurami proudly joins forces with Dr Mayoni, at The Clinic by Dr Mayoni. Together, we are not just redefining beauty – we are rewriting the story of self-care from the inside out.

In our sit down conversation with Dr Mayoni, we delve into the depths of her medical background and discover the shaping of her impressive career. We uncover the secret behind her commitment to understanding individuals as complete beings, reaching beyond the surface to unlock profound and lasting results. 

Dr. Mayoni, let us dive into your background! What moments or experiences shaped your journey into your field of work, and inspired your approach to Human Health?

Well I’ve had a fairly atypical journey to where I am now! I am a fully trained colorectal and pelvic surgeon for a start! I have also spent 4 years as a research fellow looking at gut receptors that contribute to our continence and bowel control. I then decided that I wanted to offer patients a more holistic way of looking after themselves and underwent further training in functional medicine and nutrition, and the next thing I knew - my clinic was born! I realised that many women came to me to talk about lots of things including their hormonal health, gut health and skin related issues. And what we now offer for our women at The Clinic by Dr Mayoni is an inside out approach to health. We help them look and feel fantastic so they can truly go out there and grab life and thrive!

The birth of Human Health must have an intriguing backstory. Could you share the turning point that led to its creation?

I think it was realising that so many women were reporting symptoms that were so so clearly related to their hormones. Yet they were not being looked after by their health care providers properly. Women are so important to society and family and impact on so many aspects of different parts of life. Yet they are so poorly served and very often they are unable to ask for help, or, they seek help advice from influencers or Dr Google. And when you think that one of the biggest challenges we face as women is related to the loss of our hormones as we age, like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancers, then it is absolutely imperative that we support women and their hormone health profiles. Preventative care is not done particularly well in the west as we have been brought up in the post pharmaceutical revolution - so we do expect a ‘pill for every ill”. Yet there is SO much we have at our fingertips to optimise our cellular health. Gut health through nutrition and lifestyle is absolutely central to all of this. 

We often hear about a holistic approach, but for you, personally, why is it not just a buzzword? 

I have always looked at my patients as a whole human. One of my surgical mentors told me “Mayoni - you can operate on anyone. The artform of surgery is offering the right operation to the right patient at the right time”. I was also brought up by 2 western-trained Sri Lankan doctors who had a very eastern outlook on patient care. And this definitely influenced my practice too. The only way to know how to help someone completely is to consider them as a whole - what makes them tick? What are their pain points and what keeps tripping them up. I can only understand how to help them move the needle on their health through treating them holistically - mind, body and spirit. 

What are some of the most common challenges your clients face when they come to you and how do you approach it?

They face issues around their understanding of their symptoms, their views on how deserving they are of help, and finally the feeling that they are alone! So I have created a range of programmes and they all focus on Education, Mindset work and Community. 

Why do you believe our gut plays a role in our journey to becoming the best version of ourselves?

The data is now almost impossible to ignore. As a scientist and surgeon, I know what can go wrong and the degree of intervention and recovery needed when people become ill and when our gut is not functioning properly. Our gut provides a physical, chemical and biological barrier to the outside environment and also acts as a transducer and sensor of what is going on. It gives you minute by minute data.It is instantly accessible via your mouth! And of course we can improve or alter our mental and physical health within moments by eating or drinking.  So it is only natural that our gut and the microbiome act as THE first place I go to in order to effect change.  

Beyond the surface, we are talking about transformative results. Based on your experience, can you paint a picture of the kind of transformations clients can expect when they embark on their GutFit x Kurami journey?

We are currently seeing whole person transformations in our women encompassing improvements in mental health, weight loss resistance, brain fog, aches and pains, lethargy. Women report finally having clarity into their symptoms meaning they can actually be the authority on their own health journey - so they can seek help when there are changes in the norm rather than being uncertain or worse still - fobbed off about their symptoms. We have also developed a beautiful community whereby women are supporting women to navigate life changes and celebrate the wins in their health improvements. As a doctor - this is the medicine I know that I have always wanted to be able to deliver and is hugely rewarding.  

Join our Kurami founder, and, founder of Human Health, Dr Mayoni, for a FREE human health workshop, teaching you ways about how to live your best & healthiest life with the Human Health THRIVE programme.