Sober October with Kurami

Sober October is an incentive to encourage individuals to reduce their alcohol consumption for the month of October. Autumn/Winter might be the perfect time to get a cosy, drink mulled wine and unwind as the nights get darker, we also love the idea of setting a new goal for the month and challenging ourselves. 

It can be difficult to give up the luxuries in our life, especially when we are so used to socialising using them, which is why this month we have teamed up with London based brand Mother Root, to bring you a delicious non-alcoholic alternative to your usual tipple. Instead of completely cutting out alcohol, why not try a lovely spritz which won't make you feel like you are missing out!

Until the 15th of October, you will find a FREE tasty Mother Root sample in all Kurami orders. Their non-alcoholic spritz is made with a blend of Organic Apple Cider vinegar, Blossom Honey, Ginger juice, Ginger Extract, and Capsicum Extract, making it the perfect, nourishing non-alcoholic pre-dinner treat. 

We also spoke with our Kurami nutritionist to discuss some of the benefits you might feel or see when cutting out the booze, and, if the well ‘hyped’ 30 day alcohol detox is all it is made out to be. 

Many triggers lead to drinking more than you planned out to, so to start, you might want to break these associations by understanding what these are.

Alcohol interferes with the neurotransmitters which affect our brain function, this is why cutting down on alcohol leads to better mood and quality of sleep overall, that helps with our overall mind health. Alcohol can lead to dehydration so drinking too much can affect your skin, and overall well being. If you are watching your waistline, keeping the drink at bay helps to reduce your calorie intake too, especially when research has shown that drinking alcohol can also make you more likely to consume more calories and less healthy food choices. 

A good way to start cutting down is to replace the drinks with alternatives, such as fizzy water that is flavoured or infused with fruit or herbs like mint. Try not to assign ‘cheat days’ as you might end up drinking more than you expected, instead gradually build your ‘drink-free’ days, together with regular exercise and healthier eating habits.