Beauty from Within

The Kurami way, is a revolutionary approach to the way we eat, behave and live.

Our Philosophy

Kurami is part of a global conversation embracing the growing awareness that we need to change the way we eat, behave and live. By using heroic ingredients that are known to promote better all-round health or have specific benefits, we take the challenge out of knowing how to eat and live well. As part of a rewarding and mindful lifestyle, our dishes will leave you feeling energised, motivated and brimming with positivity.

What Do You Receive?

Each daily box is packed with everything you need for breakfast, lunch and dinner alongside snacks and drinks to keep you full throughout the day. Each meal day has been carefully crafted by our dedicated Nutritionist, who has selected each dish to create an enticing and balanced menu for you! Kurami works at home, at work or on the go - fitting seamlessly into the busiest lives.

We have sourced the finest ingredients, collaborated with a fantastic nutritionist, hired the best chef and counted the calories of all our food and drink. Our subscription boxes bring you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Love Your Gut

At the core of Kurami is an understanding of the vital importance of gut health and how taking care of your second brain can leave you feeling beautiful and looking fabulous. Science suggests that good gut health promotes improved digestion, and lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes. 

Love your gut, love your life.

Results To Shout About 

Kurami is about empowering you to take control of your life. Inspired by the Maori word Kura, meaning treasure, we champion self-love, wellness and exist to make sure you feel great.

Our team creates dishes that will leave you feeling energised, motivated and brimming with positivity. You will be the walking, talking, smiling proof with the results shining back at you in the mirror.