3 pathways. Select yours.

In our London kitchen, we draw inspiration from the incredibly exciting cultural melting pot we are a part of. We create food that is generous, gorgeous and nourishing.

At the heart of our mission: simplicity, quality, and style. We understand the significance of these values within our community. Our meticulously curated boxes, are crafted to meet your every need. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & drinks, are delivered in eco-friendly packaging and are ready to enjoy. Our Nutritionists carefully design every meal. If you reside outside London, explore our nationwide product selection.


Nourish Path

Feel pampered and taken care of, as you embrace a new, balanced way of eating. Truly satisfying, with an average of 1400kcal daily.



Our signature meal path is rewarding, distinctive and delicious, all at an average of 1600kcal daily.


Signature +

The perfect path for those who have an active lifestyle, coming in at 2000kcal daily.