Debunking Myths around Chocolate, from a Nutritionist

So many foods are linked with pleasure, especially around this time of the year. Chocolate in particular is known for its sweet and satisfying flavour making it a popular option for dessert, it is also famous for its not-so-sweet reputation within the world of wellness.

Just recently, more medical professionals and nutritionists have made claims against the false remarks around the undeniable delight that is chocolate. Although it could be misleading when titled as a ‘superfood’, there is no problem in including chocolate as a part of your diet. 

Kurami’s registered nutritionist is here to debunk some of the most ill-famed myths around chocolate.

Chocolate is a product from the cacao tree which, nutritionally, is high in fat--saturated fat in particular, therefore it is energy dense. However, chocolate does provide a range of micronutrients including magnesium, iron and zinc. 

If you are concerned about the sugar levels, explore the options available that are free from added sugars. It has been shown that eating dark chocolate can suppress feelings of fullness, but the key message is to always enjoy it sparingly and in small amounts. 


Chocolate should not be labelled as a “bad” food, but can be enjoyed as part of your balanced diet. 

Additionally, at Kurami, we strongly believe in the importance of consuming a balanced diet. We have several deliciously nutritious chocolate options included in our nutritionist-approved meal path, such as our chef-crafted chocolate mousse, and signature Kurami truffles. 

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