Find Love Within Yourself this Valentines Day

February is known as the month where love and intimacy is celebrated, however we believe that this celebration extends beyond the love shared between couples. Make the most of this month by celebrating the love that you find within yourself, your closest friend groups, and your family members. 

Why to celebrate love no matter what your relationship status is

Love is a beautiful emotion—it is arguably one of the most powerful emotions to exist. However, many believe that this emotion can only be felt once they find their significant other, or whilst spending time with their partner. For those who do believe this, we have amazing news for you.

Love is constant. You are the very source of unlimited love. Recognising and truly experiencing this, however, can take some work, and the willingness to begin doing this work lies in your hands and your hands only.

Whether you are in a relationship, single, or in the infamous “it’s complicated” stage, all of the love that you need must first be found from within. Once self love is established, you no longer strive to seek fulfilment or love from anyone else; instead, your partner or future partners can expand the love that already exists internally, and together you can grow as individuals, beautifully.

Self love can benefit all of your existing relationships

When one lacks love of self, this can become apparent in the way that you respond to, or even treat your partner. Certain insecurities, the fear of being alone, or lack of confidence can result in arguments with the one that you love, as you become more sensitive to the small things that they do that may stimulate these insecurities or fears that reside within you.

Once you find love within yourself, you also become more patient and understanding with the people around you as you are ultimately at peace. Insecurities and fears no longer prey on you day in and day out, therefore providing you with more confidence and the mental space to reflect on the actions of others, and whether they are worth confronting.

Begin your self love journey today

1. Discover hobbies for you, and only you

Learning plays a large role in self care. When you make the decision to devote time to a new hobby, you are devoting time to growth. Learning a new hobby can give you newfound confidence in all that you do, as it proves just how much you are capable of.

2. Practice gratitude

Although affirmations are said to be a powerful tool, being grateful has been proven to be much more effective. 

Once every day, take the time to make a list of all that you are grateful for; not only for what you have in life, but for who you are as a person. Showing gratitude for yourself can bring peace to who you are, silencing any insecurities that you may have. 

3. Talk to yourself

Engage in conversation with yourself, and most especially if you are living alone whilst in lockdown. 

Human interaction is undeniably vital for our mental wellbeing, however interaction with oneself is also very important. Talking to yourself can allow you to bring any subconscious thoughts or emotions to light. This can also help enhance your focus with whatever task is at hand.


4. Practice small acts of self care daily

Showing love for yourself does not have to be practiced through grand, time consuming gestures. Self care is more simple than you may think. 

Start by drinking one extra glass of water a day, taking 5 minutes out of your day to journal, or even getting up and dancing to your favourite song. Whatever it may be, if the act is done out of conscious care and love, you are doing it right and you are on your way to beautiful growth.


It is indeed the month of love, and whether or not you are in a relationship, utilise this time to grow the love that you have for yourself more than ever before.

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