How food can transform company culture

 When we think about factors that contribute to workplace performance, food is rarely top of the list when it comes to finishing our to-do lists and having a productive day. However, put simply, food is fuel. Over the years there has been much discussion surrounding health and wellness for employees and how companies can invest in employee morale and productivity. 

Here are some key benefits of how the right food can benefit company culture.

Food serves as our primary source of fuel—fuel for our muscles, our nerves, and most importantly, our brains. Nourishing our body with fibre rich foods can support cognition, clarity, focus, and regulation of mood throughout the day. Think about the most productive you had this week, what did you eat? 

Lower healthcare costs
A well-balanced and nutrient rich diet can help in the prevention and treatment of many conditions and diseases. When given the opportunity to understand nutrition and how it affects our physical and mental wellbeing, less sick days are likely in the workplace. 

Encouraging healthy eating habits
Providing staff with foods rich in plant variety & wholefoods is a sure way to get them feeling good. We have all heard the saying, we are what we eat! Giving employees the opportunity to eat healthier in the workplace not only allows them to have access to foods they may not usually eat, but it takes away the stresses and pressures of ‘healthy’ eating that they may feel outside of work.

Boost employee morale
Offering a variety of food that caters for all dietary preferences is essential for staff inclusivity, and will help to attract prospective employees, retain current staff, and boost employee morale. Lunchtime should be a pleasurable experience where social community is encouraged and conversations exchanged amongst colleagues. 60% of employees ranked meals & snacks in the top 3 office perks, proving that when employers pay attention to your physical needs, it pays off!


Food creates a sense of unity and is central to all our lives, and workplaces are now responsible for nurturing their staff using nutrition and food as a well-being and motivational tool for their employees. Take a look at our corporate menu here and let Kurami cater for your next office event.