How to Make Christmas the Most Nourishing Time of The Year

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Whilst it is only one day in December, festivities and decorations certainly begin well before that. Many begin celebrating it from early November, and even September in several countries around the world. 

This period includes nostalgic music, festive films, and loving time with our friends and family. Let us also make this year’s Christmas holiday a time of nourishment, where we prioritise our mental and physical health.

By nurturing ourselves, we gather energy needed to nurture others with utmost love and care.

Here are five Christmas gifts of advice that you can use within these last few weeks of the year to prioritise your health and make Christmas time a nourishing one:

1. Fill your meals with fibre 

Pack your Christmas plate with fibre by adding whole grains, legumes, or a variety of fruits and vegetables to your dishes.

Dietary fibre encompasses many different components that offer a plethora of benefits. It adds bulk to our diet and remains largely undigested through our gut. Some dietary fibre components have been shown to be metabolised (or used up) by the bacteria in the large intestine to produce a small amount of energy and the short-chain fatty acids which are protective of our health. This is why dietary fibre helps to protect gut health that helps our digestion and prevents constipation. It is also associated with a lowered risk for certain illnesses including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer. Additionally, adding plenty of foods that are rich in dietary fibre increases satiety and helps us stay fuller for longer. 

The benefits of eating a wide array of fibre is an easy and delicious way to nourish yourself this Christmas. At Kurami, we curate nutritious meal paths with a unique focus on the gut. On average, we include more than 30 varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs in just one-week of our full box meal paths, therefore providing you with an abundance of fibre-rich, gut-loving foods without you having to lift a finger (except when you are holding your knife and fork, of course).


2. Create a Christmas Routine

Christmas may be a time of rest, however, structure can also be helpful throughout this time of the year.

Creating a routine around any holiday-related changes within your schedule, can ensure that you still prioritise all of your feel-good practices; whether it be exercising first thing in the morning, or journalling all that you are grateful for.

3. Stay active

Many tend to be less likely to move about as days are colder and shorter during this time of the year. However, it is important that you are still moving your body in different ways to optimise your mental health, as this encourages the production of endorphins, also commonly dubbed as the ‘feel good hormones’. This doesn’t mean we need to go to the gym or outside for a run, a short work-out at home or simply dancing to Mariah Carey counts just as much! 

Of course you can also stay active by going for family walks, or even helping your relatives in the kitchen when cooking your delicious Christmas meals. This is just as good of a workout as any!

4. Surround yourself with love

The people that you surround yourself with can largely impact your emotions and mindset. Therefore, be mindful of who your support system is this Christmas.

Focus on spending more time with family and friends that show their genuine love and support. If this may be difficult due to current circumstances. Plan calls throughout the holidays to ensure that you are staying connected with fun activities! Why not try an online pub quiz, or even having a go at drawing together?  

5. Set boundaries

Christmas is undoubtedly filled with endless fun, but it is important that we also set our own personal boundaries.

Although we love to be surrounded by the people that are closest to us, know that it is okay to say no and prioritise what is best for your own health and needs during the holidays. By nurturing ourselves, we are provided the energy to nurture others with utmost love and care.


As we end this rollercoaster ride of a year, let us make sure we end it on the most positive note possible. 

May your Christmas be filled with nourishment, delicious food, and pure joy. 

Let this Holiday season be a loving, positive and nourishing one. Order your meal path today, and let us pamper you this Christmas with our nutritionist-approved and chef crafted meal paths. Order our special Christmas dinner for you and your family by clicking here