Nutritionist-approved lunchbox ideas to take you back to work

Whether you have an hour, 30 minutes, or zero minutes to prepare lunch, we have you covered with some back-to-work lunch time inspiration that will leave you feeling your best. 

Our Kurami nutritionist says to make sure to include a source of protein, meats, fish, beans or pulses, plus your usual veg in your lunchbox. Salad is a great option, particularly in the warmer weather, and you can try making your own dressing such as our homemade pesto in this gnocchi recipe

If you fancy switching it up from your store bought sandwich, why not try sourdough or wholemeal bread which has a higher fibre content, and sourdough that it is made from a special starter yeast which includes naturally-occurring microorganisms, giving the bread its characteristic acidic taste, and this fermentation process seems to help with breaking down some of the carbohydrate in the bread whilst lowering overall gluten levels too. If you fancy dessert, finish up with some fresh or dried fruit, and yoghurt.

Bulk cook main meals and enjoy the leftovers for lunch! This is a great option to help save time, and use up all the bits and bobs in your fridge and cupboard, as well as save money. You can freeze or refrigerate any leftovers and know that you have meals to hand. Why not try our Carribean curry? It is high in fibre, low fat, and packed with flavours such as ginger, garlic and coriander. 

And, if you do want to eat out, think greens and make them your main instead of a side dish! Packing your meal with vegetables, mushrooms, beans and pulses helps to lower your ‘energy density’ and contribute to feelings of satiation. Creamy sauces and desserts/puddings are usually higher in calories and less calorie dense, so swap for options, which for example, are tomato-based. 

Go easy on the booze, as one unit of alcohol provides close to 60kcal, and a standard glass of wine is already more than two units. To keep your calorie content down, pace your drinks when out, or why not try carbonated flavoured water? 


The pressure of staying on top of our nutrition and wellbeing can be challenging, particularly when we have limited time and find it more convenient to pop to the shop or to a local restaurant or cafe on a lunch break. At Kurami we are passionate about the importance of balance, but also supporting your goals and seamlessly integrating into your busy lifestyle. Our meal paths are nutritionist approved, and chef-crafted, so that even on the busiest of days at home or in the office, you know that you are in safe hands and feeding your body the balance it deserves. Why not try our two day, seasonal, summer meal path and get *10% off your first order with our newsletter. 

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