Relationship Advice, with Food | Advice on Building a Positive and Peaceful Relationship with Food

Many of us are fostering multiple relationships within our lives; relationships with our family members, friends, significant other, pets, and ourselves. However, a relationship that people tend to overlook is their relationship with food.

Food is salient in our daily lives. This can influence our mood, energy levels, cognition, and even the people we choose to spend our time with. Food has played a prodigious role throughout our existence as of yet, and it will only continue to do so. This is why it almost becomes a part of our very identity.

As our realities are now dominated by social media, societal influence, and a plethora of other external factors, it is more important than ever to stay conscious of how you view food, and identify whether it is positive.

Steps that you can take in order to build a more positive and peaceful relationship with food

Once you have identified whether your relationship with food is rocky, this can enable you to take the steps towards viewing food from a more positive perspective, allowing you to bring balance into your life.

1. Practice gratitude for the food that you are eating

The food on your plate is a source of nutrition, pleasure, and energy. Whatever it is that you may be eating, practice gratitude for the nutrients that it is providing you with, the energy that it is fuelling you with, and the abundance of flavours that it is granting you. The very fact that you have access to a plate of food is already a gift in itself, so let go of any worrisome thoughts.

2. Consume your food from a mindful perspective

Remove any distractions, and instead, eat your food mindfully. Enjoy every bite, texture, and flavour within the meal that you are eating. This practice can also encourage improved digestion.

3. Focus on the flavours

If you begin to overthink the contents of your plate, or the ingredients in your dish, choose to focus on the flavours instead. Satisfaction from the flavours of your meal is all-important, and this can allow you to enjoy the meal rather than over-analysing it.

4. Live in the present moment

If you are enjoying a meal in a restaurant or cafe, or even a home cooked meal provided by a close family member or friend, catch yourself if you begin to plan ahead with regards to exercise, or your meal plan for the following day. Learn to live in the present; enjoy the meal, enjoy the company, and enjoy the atmosphere. 


In order to build a positive relationship with food, you must first begin by recognising it’s condition. Building a peaceful relationship with food is most definitely easier said than done, however embrace the ups and downs that you experience on your journey, and remind yourself to keep on going as it is truly worth it.

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