Rituals for a new year positive mindset

The new year can often be a time to reflect on how far we have come as individuals, the experiences we have had and the memories made. Sometimes, it can be a fearful time, with January being an overwhelming month for change and 'new beginnings'. With that being said, we love these 5 every-day rituals that can help shape your daily routine. There is no harm trying them and manifesting a positive new year filled with abundance.

1. Thought of Gratitude

Start your day with a thought of gratitude and a positive intention for the day. This small, effortless habit takes no time and can be done while you are brushing your teeth or having a shower. If you are going through a tough time and struggle to feel positive, focus on the simple things like your warm bed and nutritious food you have the opportunity to enjoy. Carry your intention with you throughout the day and try to remember to check-in a few times to see how you’re doing. 

2. Load with Nutrients

Make your first meal a high-protein one and add a portion of fruit or veg. Yoghurt with berries and a sprinkle of seeds to add some healthy fats is another effortless, no-time requiring example. Be mindful of mindless snacking out of habit throughout the day and have some nutritious options on hand. For example, cut your carrots and keep them in a jar full of water. This will help them stay fresh and crunchy, while you can stay balanced and dip them into hummus or guacamole, or enjoy alone.

3. Set Boundaries & Enjoy What You Like

Set aside 30-60 min in your day to do something you enjoy. Make sure you plan it and schedule it in, because without your calendar blocked out, it is too easy for other tasks and priorities to sneak in, leaving you burned out and tired over the long-term. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy or require effort. Maybe you just want to rest on the couch and catch up with a friend on the phone or perhaps go for a walk and listen to your favourite music while getting some fresh air.

4. Movement

Similar to “you time”, plan and schedule in movement for 30 min daily. Once again, if it’s not in your diary, it’s more likely not to be done. Also, aim to add small bursts of movement to break up long sedentary periods. If you have a smart watch, it may already remind you to move for a minute every hour. This is a great chance to stand up and stretch, walk around, maybe walk up and down the stairs, or do a little dance to a trendy song.

5. Wind down

End the day with a quick reflection on your positive intention you set in the morning and a short meditation. A meditation is not something that needs to be done for an hour in a candle-lit environment. It can be a moving meditation, while walking or stretching and anything from 5 minutes counts!