Spicing up your Comfort Food

Comfort foods: what are they exactly? 


These foods are known to be rich, warming, and incredibly satisfying, and they usually come in the most unusual of forms. When desiring comfort in the form of food, we usually turn to the same meals and sometimes unusual combinations, however this goes beyond simply craving the same flavours and textures. 


Comforting meals or snacks are usually interlinked to memories or emotions, therefore they hold much more sentimental value than your average breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Comfort meals are infamous for perhaps not being the most nutritious food choices, however that does not mean you cannot enjoy them whenever you are in need of desired, food-sourced comfort.


Elevate your comfort food game by switching around a few ingredients, to create more nourishing and feel-good combinations. Here are a few of our favourite plant-based comfort combinations. These are rich and delicious, but also loving and nutritious:


  1. Beans on… Sweet Potato?

We’ve all heard of beans on toast—it is an undeniable classic—however, beans on sweet potato? 


This delectable combination creates the delightful pairing between the sweet flavours and creamy textures of both the sweet potato and baked beans. The two of these together have you unsure of whether you’re eating dinner or dessert, but it is definitely one that you will be craving on a cold winter night.


  1. Peanut butter and Popcorn

Switch up the salt with the naturally flavourful peanut butter. 


Making the perfect pair to a bowl of popcorn, the creamy peanut butter adds a new dimension of texture to the the gentle crunch of the popcorn, as well as a delicious boost in flavour. 


  1. Cucumber, Vinegar, and Black Pepper

This may be the most unusual combination yet.


The refreshing flavour of cucumber, mixed with the powerful flavours of vinegar and black pepper, create a uniquely flavourful combination that hits all of the right spots. This is an anything-but-boring salad that serves as the perfect, light snack, especially on a warm Summer’s day.


Sometimes the oddest of combinations can be the best of them. 

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