Supercharging your breakfast

We have all been there.

Pushing the snooze button and favouring an extra thirty minutes in bed over breakfast, only to regret it two hours later when our stomach is grumbling at the thought of a piece of bread.

When short on time, we know how likely it is to sacrifice a nutrient-dense, hearty start to the day in exchange for a coffee, croissant, or high sugar cereal bar when on-the-go; queue the hunger pangs and lack of energy!

So, what should we be enjoying for breakfast to start the day right? Our Kurami nutritionist talks us through the best options to have us feeling ready to smash the day and reach our goals. 

Protein: Loading your breakfast with options that are higher in protein supports our feelings of satiation, making you less likely to snack before lunch. Eggs are an egg-cellent choice, but not the only one. Our signature ancient grains porridge, and teff pancakes, both provide protein and are naturally without from gluten. 

Carbohydrates: Get ready to meet your new best friend: the old oat. Oats are slow releasing carbohydrates, that help you feel fuller for longer. If you anticipate a mad rush in the morning, try to set aside ten minutes the evening prior to make some overnight oats. Load them up with fresh fruit, nuts, and seeds, and simply grab it out of the fridge before dashing out. Our tip? Store it in a reusable container, that you can pop directly in your bag before leaving for work!

Fibre: Fibre is not only important to keep our gut moving and healthy, but also to help contribute to our feelings of satiety. There are several ways of increasing your fibre intake in the morning: you can find fibre, and increase your plant diversity at the same time (!), by adding some delicious mixed, British berries to your breakfast routine.

Fruit: many options available, from fresh to frozen, and even dried! From apricots to sultanas, dried fruits are an easy addition to breakfast. They also serve as a source of iron and potassium. When fruits are dried, this also means that they contain a higher amount of concentrated sugar, therefore they are best eaten alongside other foods. We love to include fruit in our smoothie bowls, and perhaps sneak in there some vegetables as well, to help you start the day off right!

Nuts and Seeds: these are very easy add-ons to boost your protein and dietary fibre intake! From nut butters, to a sprinkle of sunflower seeds, the list is endless! You can pre-mix your favourite nuts and seeds and keep them in an air-tight, glass jar on your kitchen counter, so that you will not miss it! 

Some further breakfast ideas include:

Greek-style yoghurt is a great choice as it has a higher protein content - there are now plenty of options available, plain, fruit-flavoured, with dairy and plant-based: take your pick. 

Porridge oats are naturally packed with a type of dietary fibre called beta-glucans that help to protect heart health. They also provide more protein than the average breakfast cereals. Top with a handful of nuts or seeds for an additional protein boost. 

Why not try other, more unusual options, like quinoa, amaranth or buckwheat? These ancient grains are naturally higher in protein and dietary fibre than more conventional options. Our ancient grains porridge is carefully crafted using a range of different grains, and chia seed. Speaking of which… have you tried our buckwheat and chia seed loaf? 

Breakfast bowls are always a good idea - even better with our homemade granola, and our seasonal fruit compotes. Try it for yourself today!


You can try our delicious teff pancakes, ancient grains porridge, avocado on toast, red pepper frittata and a variety of other breakfast options delivered to your London door. Let us take the ease off of your busy lifestyle, and wake up with a spring in your step knowing that Kurami is on their way.