Heroic ingredients for your gut

Everyday we are bombarded with information on how we should take care of our health. The latest trends and products are never-ending. Misinformation and confusion are bound to emerge, as we try to keep up with this weeks' new, shiny, miraculous item that everyone needs to get their hands on. In this environment, it is difficult to distinguish what is has sufficient backing, and what does not. So, when what do we mean when we talk about heroicingredients within our meal paths

Our gut microbiome thrives on plant diversity, which is why at Kurami we ensure that your meal path has a minimum of 30 plant varieties every week*. We nourish your body from within, by championing a food first approach. We describe certain foodstuffs as ‘heroic’, as we they have a rich nutritional profile, and the possibility of becoming the basis of a nutritiously dense dish. Rest assured that in every step of your Kurami experience, you are enjoying the fruits of our labour to help you experience beauty from within.

Here are some of our gut friendly favourites:


Quinoa originates in South America, but it is now a globally popular ‘superfood’. Quinoa is a ‘pseudocereal’. Unlike what many believe, pseudocereals are edible seeds, and not grains! As part of a balanced way of eating, quinoa can contribute to your intake of protein, dietary fibre and a range of the B vitamins. It is also naturally free from gluten. We love to mix red and white varieties, and use them as a base in several Kurami dishes.


Buckwheat is considered an ancient grain that has been consumed in many regions around the world. It is now also gaining popularity in the UK. This grain is also free from gluten, and contributes to your dietary fibre, protein, and B vitamins intake. Commonly consumed as groats, it is also available as a flour. Our Mediterranean cauliflower salad, tagine and pepperonata all come with buckwheat options. 

Chia seeds 

Chia seeds originate in central and southern Mexico. It is a versatile seed, that opens up great culinary possibilities. Its unique texture absorbs water, making it an interesting addition to smoothie and yogurt bowls and puddings. It is also rich in many minerals, dietary fibre and unsaturated fatty acids, which help to replace saturated fat intakes in our diet, which may contribute to heart health. Why not try our Kurami loaf, which is made using chia seeds and buckwheat flour, or our chia seed pudding? 


Say e-da-ma-me. This is the Japanese name that stands for young soybeans (branched beans when in their pods). Edamame are a source of protein in many cuisines in Asia, and they can also greatly contribute to your dietary fibre intake. We know our clients love edamame, and they feature in many of our signature dishes. They also serve as a great snack on their own, or with some chilli oil.


Sorghum is another naturally gluten-free grain, that is native to Australia. It is also popular across many countries in both Asia and Africa. Sorghum is available in both a grain and flour option. Its fluffy texture makes it the perfect base for many our baked goods. You can also find it as a grain in our falafel bowl.


Incorporating these incredible ingredients as part of a balanced way of eating, is a great way to help increase your gut diversity. It is also an opportunity to try new and alternative ingredients, which perhaps are more nutrient dense than other available options. If some of them sound too unfamiliar or difficult to cook with, why not gain some inspiration by ordering your meal path today? If you sign up to our weekly newsletter, you will receive a promotional code for 10%** off your first one-off order! Our newsletter features exciting tips, nutritionist advice and exclusive updates. 

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