The story of Kurami

This week, we ventured outside our busy Kurami kitchen and had a chat with Kurami founder, Camilla. From a lockdown launch to our upcoming second birthday, the journey has been an adventure!

What is your background? How did you begin your journey in Nutrition?

My approach to eating is deeply influenced by my background. Needless to say, my Italian roots had a big impact on the role of food in my life. I have always been fascinated by it, but I have gone through an incredible food-journey in the last ten years or so. I became increasingly aware of the range of interconnected disciplines, people and efforts that go into bringing a dish to life. I am a social anthropologist by training, with a masters in anthropology of food. Hence, the rituals that surround food, the way, and how, we eat, are of great importance when crafting a new Kurami dish. I have worked hard to establish a brand that was deeply rooted in the transformational potential food can have in our lives, beyond the plate. At Kurami, we want to elevate the way we eat, and change the general discourse that surrounds food. We want food and eating to be a positive experience that feeds both the body and the mind. 

What motivated you to start Kurami?

I was motivated by a few factors. Before starting Kurami, I was working many hours, and found it incredibly difficult to eat in a balanced manner, that included all food groups and satisfied me mentally. 

I was guilty of putting the same food in my shopping bag, and thus eating similar meals weekly. In addition to this, I was amazed by the increasing amount of available information about nutrition shared on social media. Everyday that I woke up, I would read about a new fridge ‘must’ have. I really wanted to create a company that could be a trustworthy source of information and delicious food, which was not rooted in quickly changing trends. Moreover, I was observing growing conversations between medical professionals, nutritionists and dieticians. This further solidified in my mind how interconnected food and wellbeing truly are, and motivated me to explore this topic further. The rest is history!

What are some of your ‘pinch me!’ moments since starting the business?

Like most, I have a few!

Being featured in the Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2021 was definitely up there! Being recognised not only as a premium meal delivery service, but as a wellness tool that is well balanced, and there to nourish you daily, was one of my goals. One of my driving forces, that keeps me going when the times are tough, is the knowledge that we are contributing to changing the conversation about eating to a positive one, that moves away from unbalanced/drastic diet plans, to a more holistic approach to wellness. The pinch me moment I never get tired of: even today, everytime a client makes a purchase, I feel it is a ‘pinch me’ moment! I feel so grateful that our clients have been welcoming us so warmly in their homes. Some have been our clients for years, day in, day out!

What are some of your proudest accomplishments?

Making a tangible impact and improving our clients lives, no matter what. With the lockdown(s), we certainly had our fair share of challenges to overcome, but I could not be prouder of our resilience and teamwork to always deliver to all our clients, regardless of what life threw at us!

What is your favourite Kurami dish?

Our laska, our tagine, pancakes, and truffles… How to pick! If I had to choose one though, it would be our Kurami laksa. I used to crave laksa so much, and it was one of the first dishes I worked on! 

What is your favourite Kurami drink?

Our Butterfly Blue Kuramylk: it is a cuddle in a bottle, and the colour simply brightens my mood!

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