Introducing our self-love and Sustainable habit box

Kick start your January routine, the healthy way.

The New Year is just around the corner, and for many of us, it is a time to reflect and set goals for 2022. Adopting a different lifestyle does not have to mean restriction or deprivation. Rather, look at these goals as more of making small changes to your lifestyle for the better, slowly adjusting your body rather than going full speed ahead! Kurami is delighted to announce the launch of its January Self-Love & Sustainable Habit Box. This box is designed to encourage a 360 degree approach to wellness, by taking care of body mind and body. 

Our self-care kit will focus on supporting mental health and wellbeing by encouraging sustainable healthy habits, increasing plant diversity and thus improving overall gut health. Clients who sign up for the January plan, will receive a box  filled with all the essential tools to begin their journey to wellness. The box will include: a Kurami wellness notepad, a calming Kurami candle, with scents of peony and suede, a water bottle, a fridge magnet, a shower steamer, and a surprise item hidden inside, designed to maximise the individual habit building  experience. The box will also include positive affirmation cards for 14 days, to help uplift clients during this  time, and a 20% voucher for either a manicure or massage booked with our partner, Lucie App. 

After a month of indulgence and delicious Christmas foods, January is a great time to kick start new habits and to feel fabulous. Here are some of our tips to support you in starting the new year in a positive, healthy way. 

  • Enjoy your favourite treats every now and again, or, find some tasty alternatives. Our Kurami chocolate mousse is low in sugar and high in fibre, making it a lighter option to other chocolate options.

  • Plants , and more plants! Pack your meals with as many vibrant whole foods as possible. Not only will they leave you feeling satiated, they also provide a variety of essential nutrients and minerals. At Kurami we include 30+ plant varieties every week in our meal paths.

  • Self care. Make yourself a priority to avoid stress and burnout. Easier said than done, but we have included some top tips in our Kurami January package on ways to caring for yourself. Enjoy an Irene Forte luxurious body oil, a welcoming treat for your skin in these winter months, alongside a Kurami candle and other relaxing goodies.