The Three Magical M's for Overall Well Being (Mindset, Movement, Meditation)

The Three Magical M's for Overall Well Being (Mindset, Movement, Meditation)

At Kurami, we are passionate about providing our clients with nutritionist-approved, chef-crafted meal paths, enabling them to discover beauty from within. Nutrition has a large role to play in improving your overall well-being, however there are multiple facets that also need to be considered. 

When improving your wellbeing, you are also enhancing your mental cognition and mental health, your capacity to handle stress, and transforming your overall outlook on life to a more positive one. You begin to feel better inside and out. 

Going beyond good nutrition, here are a few of the other key implementations that can guide you towards feeling your very best:


Mindset is vital, and this is something that can be trained in a multitude of ways. Through transforming your mindset, you are also transforming the potential outcome of every situation that you encounter within your life. 

Begin first thing in the morning—taking control of your train of thought as soon as you wake up is setting yourself up for success. 

A few methods that you can use to effectively improve your mindset are journalling, breath work, and consciously choosing to avoid checking your phone. These simple techniques can allow you to recognise what you are thinking, identify any stressors, and take action. This can then be followed by taking note, either on paper or in your head, of all that you are grateful for, the goals that you aim to achieve, as well as your daily intentions.

Again, these actions are simple yet powerful. This can influence you to think more positively throughout the day, encouraging you to handle any situation that may come your way with a can-do perspective.


Physical activity has been strongly linked to the improvement of our overall well-being, both physically and psychologically. Through incorporating movement within your daily routine, whether it be 15 minutes of yoga, a 30 minute walk, a more intense HIIT session or simply dancing around, research has shown that this can increase our mental clarity, energy levels, and overall mood.


Follow up your movement with meditation.

This century-old practice has served as a powerful tool in the lives of millions. Meditation, when practiced correctly and consistently, can bring ultimate peace to our minds therefore supporting the reduction in feelings such as stress and anxiety. 

The strong science to back meditation, which only continues to grow stronger by the day, shows that this can affect the very workings of the precious brain. Research has shown that meditation can encourage the brain to undergo positive structural changes, including the shrinkage of the amygdala - the region of the brain linked to negative emotions including sadness, anxiety, and feelings of doubt. 


When looking at achieving optimal health, it is important to take a 360 approach with an open mind. Take life one day at a time, and choose to practice what makes your mind, body, and soul feel its very best. 

Let us make balance easier for you. We deliver delicious, nutritionist-approved, and chef-crafted meals to your doorstep. 

Discover beauty from within. Order your meal path today, and let us pamper you this 2021.