Tip for the perfect pancakes this pancake day

Embrace the imperfect pancake! Repeat after us, pancakes come in all shapes and sizes. From sweet to savoury, thin and crepe-like, to thick and stackable, they’re relatively straightforward to whip up in the kitchen, and can be a nutritionally dense breakfast. Our Nutritionist talks us through tips and suggestions when it comes to your creations this pancake day.

Balanced macronutrients.

Keep in mind that adding some complex carbs, protein, healthy fats and healthy fibres helps you to achieve a balanced pancake recipe. Choose a high-fibre GF flour, such as chickpea or buckwheat, both of which are significantly higher than regular flour. For protein, whisk an egg into the batter, and/or top with soya yoghurt. If you are going for a plant-based version, add 1 tbsp of flax seeds into the mix to ensure the batter holds well. For extra fibre, grate an apple, mash a banana or throw a handful of berries into the mix and set some aside for toppings. Lastly, sprinkle some chia on top for healthy fats. Perhaps you can use a seed mix and add cinnamon to up your weekly plant points?

The perfect fluff factor tips

1. Separate the egg from the yolk before mixing the egg into the batter. Whisk the white until a fluffy consistency is achieved.

2. Mix the dry ingredients first and only then add the wet ones

3. Do not overmix the batter. You want some air bubbles left, so it adds to the overall fluff.

4. Only flip the pancakes once, as doing so multiple times will flatten the pancakes and make them harder.

5. Add some baking powder. 

Satisfaction Factor 

If you are a busy bee like most these days, you probably do not have the time to make nice pancakes any morning. It is probably a weekend luxury or an occasional treat, so forget all about diet-y low-carb, low-kcal rules and have them the way you really love them! If it is an extra squeeze of syrup or an additional dollop of jam, so be it. Remember, if it is a small percentage of your overall intake, it will not have any negative health effects (but it will most probably put a smile on your face).

Overall, you have probably come across multiple wellness pages promoting no-flour pancakes that are made of banana and protein powder. Well this is an official green light from a Registered Nutritionist to use your favourite flour in your pancake day recipe. It will help you stay fuller for longer and most likely, significantly increase the satisfaction factor while eating.