Self-love rituals to try this February

At Kurami we believe self-love and nurturing relationships should be celebrated all year round, however February is typically the month where we pay particular attention to the beautiful, powerful emotion that is love. Many people feel that love can only truly be discovered through the addition of a partner, however, unless we are truly at peace and wholly love ourselves, it can often be difficult to grow and develop beautifully with a future partner. 

Whether you are in a relationship, single, or in the infamous “it’s complicated” stage, all of the love that you need must first be found from within. You can read our Q&A with self-love coach Sabi Kerr here.

Try these four self-love tips that will support you in growing individually on your journey to self love and reset your body.

5 Tips To Help Reset Your Body 

  1. Nurture over deprivation It is important to keep in mind that a reset should not be viewed as a chance to engage in unsustainable, extreme methods. Instead of the black or white mentality, nurture your body with home-made, regular meals and remember to drink water throughout the day.

  2. Regular meals – Avoiding large meal gaps helps to reduce the likelihood of cravings and overeating. Aim to have breakfast within 1-1.5h of waking (if you do eat breakfast), don’t leave gaps longer than 4-5h in between meals/snacks and try to not eat closer than 3h before sleep.

  3. Sufficient, good quality sleep – Sleep is extremely important for blood sugar regulation, which affects hunger and satiety. Also, our gut bacteria rely on the circadian rhythm, meaning that the gut is more efficient at performing its functions on a good night’s sleep.

  4. Movement – Instead of focusing on intense workouts only, balance them out with gentle movement, such as yoga, pilates or simply walking. This way, your exercise plan is more likely to be more sustainable and turn into a long-term routine, while putting less stress on your body.

  5. Work & rest balance – New year, new goals can be a highway to burnout. If you raced through January, remember that motivation is great but you can’t go far without rest. Take time for self-care this month.

At the core of Kurami is educating and inspiring you to be the best version of yourself. Begin your journey to wellness today, and try nutritionist-approved meals delivered to your London doorstep.