Who says comfort foods can’t be healthy too? | Simple Ingredient Swaps.

Comfort foods hold high value for many as they are tied to memories, experiences, and emotions. These delicious foods are the first options we turn to when we are craving a palatable form of satisfaction in order to feel more grounded.

Comfort foods have mostly become associated with highly processed foods such as pizza, pasta, or burgers. These foods may be less nutrient dense and low in fibre, therefore impacting your energy levels.

Here are a few simple ingredient swaps to boost the nutrient density of these foods:


  1. Flour-based dishes

When baking,  instead of white flour, try alternative kinds of flour that are higher in fibre such as wholewheat or buckwheat. This is an easy swap which provides a different flavour to your dishes, the fibre content helps to increase your feelings of fullness as well. Another switch is to replace flour with beans – just trust us on this one. The neutral flavours paired with the fibrous texture of beans, work as the perfect foundation for your sweet treats, from cookie dough to brownies.

Our Kurami Teff Pancakes are the perfect example! Wonderfully delicious, this nourishing breakfast is accented with homemade fruit compote and our very own KuYo; deliciously creamy, handmade coconut yogurt. 

  1. Meat-based dishes

Switch up your choice of meatballs by using beans or pulses instead, and whip up some homemade, chickpea falafels. Beans contain a rich source of plant protein, as well as dietary fibre.

At Kurami, we have a range of dishes made with beans and pulses, from Mexican delight to our own colourful dips. Why not try it out today?


  1. Bananas

More than just a deliciously sweet fruit, ripe bananas are a natural ingredient to use for any of your desired bakes, they also help to bind your ingredients together. Through using ripe bananas, you can easily cut down the sugar content by a half or two-thirds in your baking.

Bananas provide energy, and can easily increase your daily fibre intake.


  1. Root vegetables

A Sunday roast is never complete without a good serving of mash. Why not mix it up this weekend by adding some delicious and colourful starchy root vegetables such as squash, sweet potato and parsnip? This enhances the flavour of your mash, adding a natural sweetness and spice, as well as boosting and building the variety of vegetables you eat too. 

Try Kurami’s root-rich mash & greens dish and experience the nutritiously delicious transformation of this classic comfort dish.


  1. All about the greens

Make it a weekly goal to try 2 to 3 new types of greens! Simply chop and chuck them into your soups and stews, or massage with oil for a quick cook in the microwave to enhance both the nutrient density, as well as flavour of your meals. Green vegetables are naturally rich in water, which work to reduce the energy density of the meal, therefore enhancing the nutritional value of your favourite comfort foods.


Don’t say goodbye to comfort food when striving to live a more nutritious lifestyle. Instead, make a list of all of your favourite ones and find ways to make them more flavourful, vibrant, and a burst of nutrients with these quick swaps today!