Why self love is important for your wellbeing

As humans, we are social beings. This means we naturally give an abundance of love, energy, and attention to the people around us, and although that is incredibly important, we can often forget to give just as much love, energy, and attention to ourselves. 


Just like any machine cannot run without having a sufficient amount of fuel in the tank, similarly, we cannot function at our best without providing ourselves with enough energy or love.


Although we focus on improving physical health at Kurami through our nutritious meal paths, we also aim to advocate for supporting good mental health as much as we possibly can, and we believe that self love is a crucial part of this. We know food and nutrition not only does wonders to our bodies, but they also help feed the mind.


How is self love defined?


For some, self love can be perceived as selfish—unnecessary even, however this practice is just as important to incorporate into your life as brushing your teeth.


Self love includes prioritising your needs, your health included. Showing compassion to yourself can transform your ability to feel compassion for others, expanding the amount of love and care that you show to the people that you encounter every day.


Through practicing self love, you are providing your self with a strong foundation from within before you take on the world. This can make a positive impact on your confidence, stress levels, and of course, your mental health.


Important self love practices 


  1. Fitness

Moving your body to improve your fitness levels is a choice that only you can make, and through making that empowering choice, you are also supporting the production of happy hormones such as endorphins. 


This feel-good form of self love will leave you feeling strong, powerful, and unbeatable. Practicing that 10 minute workout you did not know you needed can leave you feeling on top of the world.


2. Practicing gratitude 

Technology has dominated our world, and it can often seem difficult to escape even a couple minutes of screen time. It might be useful to create the time for screen-free hours within your day.


This mindful practice allows you to truly appreciate all that you have in life, serving as a powerful form of self love. When you start the day with an optimistic mindset, that positivity will radiate off of you and unto others. 


3. Eating nourishing food 

Feeding your body with feel-good food that can allow you to feel your very best, is a form of self respect. Eating a balanced and vibrant diet is an amazing way of making you feel good inside and out.


At Kurami, we deliver chef-crafted, nutritionist approved meals that are full of colour, flavour, and fibre, to doors around London. Discover beauty from within, and order your meal path here.


4. Become mindful of your thoughts 

Taking notice of your thought patterns can be an effective way of getting to know yourself. This can help you to identify negative subconscious thoughts, therefore allowing you to eliminate these and change them into more positive and loving ones.


Heightening your awareness around how you think can be achieved through journalling, meditating, learning, or simply spending some quality time with yourself. 


Overall, a healthy body requires a happy mind, therefore taking care of your mental health is vital. Although self-love can easily be confused as narcissistic, practicing this can not only improve your own life and wellbeing, it can also affect how you interact with and show love to others. It is transformative.