Your guide to Al-Fresco dining

Alfresco inspiration! Summer is here, which means eating outside in the sun is a luxury many of us can now enjoy. Did you know that a daily dose of vitamin D can play an important role in regulating our mood and warding off depression? Whether you are perched on the freshly cut grass at your local park, or enjoying a sunset picnic with friends, we’ve put together some of our best tips for al-fresco dining. 

  1. Go green: there are plenty of seasonal greens which are delicious and packed with plenty of nutrients. Try cucumber, kale, cavolo nero and spring greens. A quick tip to soften the leaves is to drizzle with oil and microwave for a minute or two. 

    Enjoy our smokey aubergine and kale salad for a tasty light lunch, and our chilli seasonal greens make the perfect accompaniment to your favourite mains.

  2. Try fruit: chopped apples and oranges are lovely additions to salads, why not try diced kiwi and strawberry for an extra tanginess.

  3. Stock up on ancient grains: if you are looking for an alternative to pasta and bread, have a go at ancient grains. From quinoa, teff, buckwheat and sorghum  – these are gluten-free, offer new texture, flavours and can contribute to upping your intake of dietary fibre.

  4. A nod to nuts and seeds: easy to snack on, and incredibly satisfying! Nuts and seeds can be a source of protein and unsaturated fats, and provide some minerals.

  5. Morning Bird: Enjoying your breakfast outside can be a real mood booster!  Research has shown that we are more likely to snack on foods high in salt and sugar later in the day, so make sure to fuel consistently throughout the day, and in a balanced manner.

Some of our favourite Kurami breakfasts include ancient grains porridge and smoothie bowls, to teff pancakes. And if your tastebuds are craving something savoury, why not try our smokey bean pots and creamy avocado on toast?

  1. Drink up: We lose more water in warmer weather, so remember to keep hydrated during summer months. Lots of natural ingredients impart delicious flavours without the need to add sugar. Think ginger, lemongrass and even whole or chopped fruit. Simply infuse these over ice in a pitcher, and perhaps serve in jam jars for a change?  

  2. Summer nights: if you fancy something warm, why not try spicing up nut milks to make tea lattes? 

Our Kurami range of Kuramylks and iced teas are delicious and perfect for a cooling summer day. 

  1. Follow the flavour: make a plan to use a range of herbs and spices. Mint and parsley are great as garnish or delicious added to both cold and warm dishes. Spices such as turmeric and ginger have gained interesting attraction as they are incredibly vibrant.
  1. Snack time: why not try veggie sticks and crackers as dippers to hummus, as well as decadent sweet snacks. Sweet and Tangy truffles are some of our favourite sweet snacks, along with our signature babaganoush dip and parsley hummus.

  2. Include some fish: it is recommended that we eat at least two portions of fish each week, one of which should be oily. On average, most of us do not eat enough of it. Fish is a great source of protein and some micronutrients, and oily fish in particular provides the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids which are important for heart health. If you are short for fresh options, frozen or canned also count. 

At Kurami we serve seasonal fish and crustaceans twice a week, one of which is an oily type. 


Who says Kurami can only be enjoyed inside the comfort of your four walls? Not us! As we spend more time eating outdoors, heading to restaurants and enjoying picnics with friends and family, that does not mean we must sacrifice our nutrition habits or dietary preferences in the process. We deliver to doors around London and make nutrition easy for you. Explore our meal paths and find out how Kurami can support you and your summer goals.