Eating abundantly this Summer

Sourcing the best-tasting, quality ingredients for our Kurami dishes is part of what we do. We make a conscious effort to include up to thirty plant varieties every week in both our signature and calorie controlled meal paths, so you can rest assured that your gut microbiome is being treated to an abundance of vitamins and nutrients. 

We are proud to use high-quality, heroic ingredients that are nutritionist approved, and do not use ingredients or additives that contain gluten and dairy, or, refined sugars. Kurami also sources organically and seasonally wherever possible, prioritising British, local produce. 

Eating seasonally means not only do you make a conscious effort to consume an abundance of foods, but you are also eating to support better health. Wholefoods picked at the peak of season are thought to be more nutritionally dense, and it is well known that seasonal fruits and vegetables are tastier and fresher, with fully developed flavours. Eating seasonally also contributes to the local economy, and helps to support our environment as the produce has not been imported and is more readily available during that particular month. As the seasons change, so do the ingredients in our menus. Have you tried our new Kurami menu in collaboration with Tart London

Our breakfast teff pancakes with compote are made with fresh, sweet strawberries, whilst our tofu and trout dinner is accompanied by delicious chilli seasonal greens and mash root veg, leaving you feeling full, but light and vibrant. 


Palette fatigue is not on the menu at Kurami! With a rich variety of flavours and a balanced approach to food and eating, all our dishes are made freshly in house, in our London based kitchen and using the best quality ingredients. This summer, if you’re trying to eat more seasonally, you can rest assured knowing that our meal paths support exactly that.