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How it works


Nutrition 2022.

Our nutritionist approved meals are balanced, and made without gluten or dairy. Maintain gut health with 30+ diverse plants weekly, and 30g fibre daily.


your journey.

Pick between 10 days (weekdays only), or a continuous 14 day programme. On your first delivery, you will receive your complimentary wellness kit for 2022.



All your meals are delivered to your door. Forget about planning, cooking, and cleaning, and let our Kurami team take care of you.


habit building.

Learn essential tools to build sustainable habits. Get the support you need to make 2022 your year.


When will my meals be delivered?

Your order will arrive in the morning, between 6:45-9:30am, on the following days: MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY and SATURDAY. Please add any relevant delivery instructions when placing your orders. You may indicate a "safe place" for the courier to leave your box. Kindly note this is under your responsibility.

How many deliveries will I receive?

We deliver a maximum of 2 days worth of food in each delivery. Our standard delivery days are: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Our delivery window is between 6:45-9:30am.

What is in my box?

In your box, you will find the following daily meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and drink. You will also receive your complimentary wellness box!

Why is this programme different from a standard signature path?

The Self Love and Sustainable Habit Box is a 10 or 14 day programme. By signing up, you are joining us for daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and drink; and our January wellness box (including Kurami wellness notepad, our suede & peony candle, a water bottle, a magnet, luxury bath oil, relaxing shower steamer, positive affirmation cards for 14 days, and 20% voucher with our manicure & massage partner); and our wellness guide, which includes: plant diversity checklist, delicious recipes, tips to guide your wellbeing, and habit building tips.

Why Kurami?

Kurami is a premium meal delivery service with a unique focus on gut health. All of our meals are nutritionist approved, and chef crafted, to ensure that you receive nutritionally dense and delicious meals right at your doorstep. All of our meals are delivered in an easy to eat format. We focus on providing you with a balanced approach to nutrition. Our full boxes include 30+ plant diversity points weekly, and 30g fibre daily, which contribute in maintaining good gut health. We look forward to taking care of you this January!

Do you cater for allergies?

Here at Kurami we strive to provide excellent customer service. All our meals are made without gluten, or dairy. Due to our organisation, we cannot ensure that our food is free from allergens. Unfortunately we cannot cater to clients who suffer from anaphylactic shock to severe allergies. However, we are able to avoid up to 3 dislikes per client account. You can add these when placing your order, in our open allergy box! If you have any questions, kindly email us at: info@kurami.co.uk so that we can assist you further.

Are the meals delivered fresh, or frozen?

All of our Kurami meals are delivered in an easy to eat format. They are delivered ready to eat in under five minutes!

Can I stop, cancel or pause my plan?

You will be unable to pause, or cancel your plan. Each case will be evaluated by our team, and depending on when we receive your email, we may be able to issue a credit note for you to use for your future orders.