5 Tips to Celebrating Christmas as a Vegan, From a Vegan

Although comforting Christmas food is what many get most excited about for the holidays, this can be the most daunting part for many vegans. 

Food can hold an abundance of nostalgia, especially during such a comforting and cheerful time of the year, therefore it is important that you can come into Christmas feeling prepared and comfortable, so it is sure that you can enjoy the Holiday food just as much as everyone else.  

Whether this is your first rodeo, or you are yet to come home for Christmas without feeling the slightest bit of uncertainty for what meals are to come and what options are available, we have prepared 5 tips for all vegans, from a five-year-vegan. 


1. Prepare yourself

Yes, Christmas is coming! And whilst everyone else is busy decorating their Christmas trees or hanging up their tinsel, many vegans are instead strategising what meals to prepare, or analysing what new Holiday options are available at the shops. 

In all seriousness, vegans want to be able to enjoy as many options as possible on the dinner table during Christmas—they want their mince pies, warming roast, and Christmas pudding just as much as everybody else. It is important to come prepared for Christmas, and thankfully, this is much easier now that there are so many new alternatives available!

For all of the vegans that are reading this, come into Christmas knowing what options you would like to have for yourself. Do your research on what recipes you would like to use, or what alternatives are available nearest to you! At Kurami, we have prepared a delicious Christmas dinner menu. Providing you with the Christmas classics, each of our colourful Christmas meals are nutritionist-approved and crafted by our talented chefs. 


2. Be open-minded

If you are returning home for the holidays to spend Christmas with your family, or even spending it with friends for the first time, it is understandable if you are feeling anxious, however make sure to also be open-minded! 

As long as you have made whoever you are spending Christmas with aware that you are vegan, trust that they will take that into consideration; they want to make your Christmas just as special!

3. Bring your own snacks

No matter how filling Christmas meals may be, it is always a good idea to prepare several snacks just in case! 

Snacks are important to maintain stable blood sugar, and to also keep your mind and body fuelled throughout the day. Snacks are important to prepare for any Christmas events if you are vegan, as you never know what may or may not be available! They are also a great way to finish off your meal if you do not feel as satisfied once the meal is over. 

We recommend bringing fruits, nuts, or our vegan-friendly Kurami signature KuYo and granola to keep you going through your Christmas festivities, whilst also boosting your daily fibre intake.

4. Do not be afraid to speak up

If you are spending Christmas with a certain group of people for the first time, and you are the sole vegan, do not be afraid to make them aware of your dietary preferences! 

Be vocal about the foods that you would like, what ingredients to avoid, or even requesting that a certain amount of macronutrients are met in order to ensure that you are getting a sufficient amount of the nutrients that you need within your Christmas meals.

You deserve an equally delicious Christmas meal too!


5. Have fun!

The most important tip yet! The essence of Christmas truly comes down to the enjoyment and cheer of it all. If you are feeling stressed, let it go! Make sure to enjoy the food, let loose, and have the happiest of holidays.  


Let this Holiday season be a loving, positive and nourishing one. Order your Christmas dinner today, and let us pamper you this Christmas with our nutritionist-approved and chef crafted meal paths. 

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