3 Vegan Christmas Hacks that You Need This Year

We all know that the Christmas holidays are the most cheerful time of the year, but this can also be a trying time for vegans. Some may rejoice in the plant-based options available on the dinner table, however some may cower in the pure presence of lentils (and only lentils).

To ensure that you enjoy your Christmas this year, here are 3 top tips to keep you just as satisfied and happy as your family and friends:

1. Two words: Chickpea flour.

Yes, you read that right. But what is so ravishing about this flour? Chickpea flour is a versatile flour that is derived from a nourishing and fibre-filled legume.

This flour is the perfect staple to take with you during the holidays. This can be used for almost any savoury vegan dish, including Christmas classics such as toad-in-the-hole, or even a simple, comforting morning omelette. 

This flour is also a great source of fibre and protein. 

2. Gluten free oat milk!

Reunite with the most glorious of hot chocolates, with the trusty oat milk.

Although the plethora of plant milks that are currently available had just about done the job, nothing replicates a classic cup of cocoa like oat milk.

Oat milk makes a creamy, slightly sweet, and nourishing hot chocolate, that serves as the perfect winter warmer. 


3. BYOB: Bring your own bananas. 

Bananas—the hero of vegan Christmases. 

Although bananas may not be the first fruit that comes to mind when one thinks of Christmas, these are actually the perfect partner to this holiday. 

Bananas are perfect to have with you throughout Christmas, especially when spending it away from home, as they can be used for a variety of heart warming, nourishing, and delicious dishes.

When in need of a snack, smoothie, or ingredient for when you are craving a comforting Christmas bake, bananas will always do the job!

Let this Holiday season be a loving, positive and nourishing one. Order your meal path today, and let us pamper you this Christmas with our nutritionist-approved and chef crafted dinner

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