A gut loving hot chocolate recipe

Not only is cacao a source of iron, but it is known to increase levels of dopamine, serotonin & endorphins, all feel good neurotransmitters. It is also considered a prebiotic, which our guts feed on to foster a healthy gut microbiome.⁠ Meaning YES, you can enjoy chocolate and still treat your gut right!

Ingredients and method

Barista version of your choice of plant milk for extra creaminess (200ml)⁠
Cacao powder (2 heaped tsp)⁠
Sprinkle of Cinnamon⁠
Tiny drizzle of honey (tip of a teaspoon)⁠
Optional Ashwagandha powder (tip of a teaspoon) ⁠
Add all ingredients into a frother and mix well.⁠
Froth, pour into a cup and enjoy!⁠

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