Brain ‘Boosting’ Breakfast Ideas that are Nutritionist-Approved

Food serves as our primary source of fuel—fuel for our muscles, our nerves, and most importantly, our brains.   


Beginning the day with a breakfast bursting with brain-loving foods can support your cognition, clarity, focus, and regulation of mood throughout the day.


What food groups are important to include into our diets for optimal brain health?

Cognitive function can be supported through eating an abundance of complex carbohydrates as they serve as the brain’s main source of energy, as well as a sufficient  amount of healthy fats. 

Healthy fats are able to provide energy, as well as the essential fatty acids that the body cannot make. Additionally, these carry the fat-soluble vitamins that support the body in absorbing nutrients, whilst maintains the normal structure of cells and many processes in the body. 

Both of these macronutrients are important for brain health as they are are both able to provide the brain with enough energy to support the production of chemical messages within the brain, nerve function, and much more. Remember, we eat foods not nutrients, so apart from providing important macronutrients, these foods also give us micronutrients such as iron and B vitamins that help minimise those feelings of lethargy too.



Brain ‘Boosting’ Breakfast Ideas


  1. Add a drizzle of nut butter or chopped nuts! 

The addition of a delicious dollop of nut butter can boost the fibre content and flavour of your very first meal, whilst of course, providing fat which helps to support cognitive function! 

Nut butter is a great source of healthy fats, therefore fuelling your brain first thing in the morning! Our Signature Teff Pancakes and ancient grains porridge are served alongside nut butter, making these delicious dishes more filling, delicious, and of course, nutritious!


2. Provisional porridge 

Make porridge a breakfast staple. 

One bowl can serve as a good source of complex carbohydrates and fibre, supporting both brain and gut health.

Your porridge bowl can easily be mixed with nuts, seeds, fruits, and even more! You can add all of the brain-loving fixings. Why not add a cracked egg to top up your protein fix?



Make your first meal of the day both nourishing and delicious, through filling up your breakfast bowl with these easy additions to support cognitive function. Your health is your choice.


3. A warm, cooked breakfast

The options are endless - from beans to eggs on toast, eating a warm, cooked breakfast is particularly satisfying during colder days. The protein from beans and eggs keep us going, whilst a starchy base like our gluten-free buckwheat and chia loaf provides the carbohydrate that supplies our body with fuel.


4. We love our avos

Needless to say, avocados are popular breakfast foods that are packed with an abundance of unsaturated fats. Why not try Kurami’s avocado on toast? And if you like nachos, watch this space for our delicious new Kurami dish!


5. Fill up with fruits! 

Fruit is packed with water, but is also naturally sweet - the sugars are easily broken down in our body. Fruits are also a source of fibre, therefore they support the correct functioning of the gut.


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