Creators take on Kurami

This season, we are incredibly proud to present our Salad Series. A collection of six beautiful & innovative salads that have been created by experts within the wellness space.

Each salad has been developed through rigorous taste-testing, nutritional consideration & approval by our team of nutritionists. These dishes are truly unique, representing a personal aspect of the creator's wellness journey.

Karen Koramshai: Karen is a wellness enthusiast, and coach in training.

"After a year of self discovery with my own health, what I love about Kurami is their commitment to both nutrition and wellness. For me, both of these go hand in hand"


Jessica Shand: Jess is a naturopathic nutritionist specialising in female health optimisation.

"I know just how empowering it is to reframe from restrictive behaviours & nourish your body and mind. What I love about Kurami is their attention to plant variety and wellness"




Farzanah Nasser: Farzanah is a microbiome specialist.

"As a gut-microbiome specialist, I love Kurami's unique focus on gut health. The dishes I have created are designed to fuel your body with the energy it craves"

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