How Kurami Can Help You Hit Your Veggie Goals

National Vegetarian Week 

We have all heard of the ‘5-a-day rule’ - But just how important is it? Our gut requires a variety of plant foods in order to thrive and flourish, with the main goal being diversity. It is widely thought that a thirty per week benchmark is effective in supporting a more diverse gut bacteria. 

Studies have shown that individuals who consume more than 30 types of plant foods each week, than those who consume less than 10, have a more diverse gut microbiome. This is why at Kurami, we are now including ‘plant points’ to offer an understanding into how many different kinds of plant foods we have used in our dishes.

So, whether you are trying to hit your 30 plants a week, adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, or simply expand your taste buds and explore new, delicious foods, National Vegetarian Week is a great opportunity to do all of the above. With the number of people committing to a vegetarian or plant-based lifestyle significantly on the rise, it is no surprise that this year, National Vegetarian Week is predicted to have the biggest support since 1992. 

When you adopt a vegetarian or plant-based diet, it is important to make sure you are hitting all the right macronutrients, and getting enough vitamins and minerals from foods to support your overall health. 

At Kurami, we passionately provide nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals to doors around London. Our talented team of chefs work closely with our registered nutritionist, intertwining flavour and science - A winning combination to ensure you get all the goodness, and all the taste.

There is a common misconception that vegetarian dishes are ‘bland’ or ‘boring’, and we are here to debunk that myth entirely. Going vegetarian does not mean compromising on taste, by any means! Why not try our vibrant tempeh lasagne, or, tofu burrito in a bowl to kick start your vegetarian week?


If you’re looking to go vegetarian for the week, or make some simple dietary swaps to reduce your meat intake, Kurami are here to support you and take the pressure off.  Order your meal path today, and give veggie a go.