Back To Work Transitioning | Finding The Balance

It is a moment many of us have been thinking about over the last twelve months; the transition from working in the comfort of the four walls in our homes, to heading back to the offices we once commuted to each day, and connected with our colleagues and friends in.

Finding balance after this unprecedented year of change can be challenging, and whilst workplaces are busy adjusting and preparing for their return to normality, the anticipation of resuming a once ‘normal’ lifestyle can be exciting, but also nerve wracking and overwhelming for many of us. 

Understanding the value of mental health has never been more important, and at Kurami, we tackle mental wellbeing as well as physical wellbeing through the power of nutrition. Passionate about advocating the importance of balance and self care in all aspects of life, our mission goes beyond providing nutritious, delicious meals to our beloved customers.

Your health and wellbeing holds the key to feeling more positive, relaxed, and calm, and we’ve come up with some simple suggestions to note when approaching change, such as heading back to work post COVID-19.

  1. Take time to adjust. Not everyone moves at the same pace. It is okay to feel slightly out of loop or as if you have forgotten what your job felt like a year ago. We all respond differently, and it is important to remember change takes time and does not need to be rushed. 

  2. Prepare. Preparation is key and allows you to make the most out of your working day, projecting your thoughts and energy on parts of your day that you might be particularly time-strained or focused on. Kurami is a premium delivery service that delivers to doorsteps around London. We cater for specific dietary requirements, allowing you to take a step back, breathe, and have one less thing to worry about. 

  3. Proactively monitor how you feel. Don’t neglect your feelings. They’re telling you something! Actively begin a two way conversation with your employer and be open about how you are feeling. This bridge of communication will make you feel better, and allow them to better understand your concerns and worries, and how they can help make you more comfortable. 

  4. Nourish your body. Feeding your body with feel-good food that can allow you to feel your very best, is a form of self care. We know that eating a balanced and vibrant diet is an amazing way of feeding your body and your mind. All Kurami meals are nutritionist-approved and chef crafted, to ensure you are getting all the goodness and the great, vibrant taste of each ingredient. Each meal is made with love and backed with the latest research, so you know you’re in safe hands and giving your body the food it needs. We focus on nourishment from within, so you can perform your best on the outside. 


In what may be a challenging time for some, it is important to remember the practice of self-care and finding a balance between work and wellbeing that works for you. We encourage you to be open about your feelings and take time to focus on your mental health. A healthy body requires a happy mind.

Discover beauty from within. Order your meal path today, and let us pamper you this 2021.