Romantic, Nutritionist-Approved Ingredients for the Perfect Valentines Day Dinner

Although Valentines Day this year may have to be celebrated differently due to the circumstances that we are under, it does not mean that it has to be any less romantic. If you are spending this Valentines Day at home, as many people around the world are, this is the perfect opportunity to add even more love, time, and care into your meal enjoyed together. 

We believe that food is one of the most romantic elements of Valentines Day. Food is enriched with flavours and memories that you can use to represent your love for your partner. Food is also usually shared within an intimate setting, and although the option of visiting a dimly lit, beautifully furnished, gourmet restaurant may not be available at the moment, you can instead transform your dining area into a setting just as romantic. Prepare a bouquet of flowers, light a candle or two, prepare a playlist—get creative!

Make your Valentines Day dinner not only romantic, but also nourishing. A nourishing and vibrant dinner will leave you with enough energy to engage in any activities after you have enjoyed your meal; whether this be a relaxing walk, dancing together in your living room, or even reminiscing on all that you both have been through together.

Here are 3 ingredients approved by our nutritionist, to add that romantic, yet wholesome touch to your Valentines Day dinner:

  1. Beetroot

Romantic and red.

Beetroot is rich in flavour, colour, packed with water, dietary fibre, and the micronutrients folates, potassium and manganese. One of the UK’s seasonal produce, beetroot is a deliciously sweet root vegetable that can be roasted with herbs or steamed to be enjoyed as a satisfying side dish. Why not try Kurami’s beetroot dip and red falafels? 

  1. Cacao

When you think romance, you think chocolate. Cacao is a source of phytochemicals, which has attracted the interests of scientists within recent years, exploring its various possible health benefits. We usually find cocoa in the form of chocolate nowadays, however cocoa has long been cultivated and consumed in South America as a bitter drink. At Kurami, we have a selection of handmade truffles available. Click here to find our nutritionist-approved truffles in your meal path today.

  1. Mint

A refreshing herb to infuse into the night. 

Fresh mint is great to add to water warm or cold, or as an extra touch to desserts. It is also an easy-to-grow herb which can flourish on the sill of your kitchen counter. 

Discover our mint-infused creations, such as our lemon and mint tea, and chef-crafted mint dressing.

If you are tight on time this Valentines Day, we have plenty of deliciously nutritious meals, that are freshly prepared and crafted by our talented team of chefs. Order your meal path today, and have your nourishing Valentines Day dinner delivered straight to your doorstep. We deliver to doors around London.