Say no to waste this Christmas

Christmas is often considered as the season of abundance, and this is why it is quite easy for us to sweep the shops and buy just a little too much. As many of us gather with friends and family, the idea of catering for more people than normal can be overwhelming, and our fridges, freezers and cupboards quickly become full to the brim. 

When every guest has gone and the last present has been unwrapped, avoid binning your perfectly good leftovers; you could do so much with them! Before moving on to presents, why not invite your guests to tidy up the Christmas table with you? Put away any leftovers that can be repurposed for the next meal, or send your guests with any food they fancy - it’s a collective effort to keep that ‘Christmas food spirit’ going!  

Love your leftovers:

Boxing day salads

  • Use shredded leftover pork, roast chicken or turkey for a tasty boxing day salad. For an extra protein hit add leftover crushed walnuts and cranberries for sweetness and fibre. You can also mix with any grains such as rice or quinoa for a warm salad too.

Sourdough sarnies.

  • Refresh any roast chicken or turkey to sourdough bread with any greens for a delicious festive sandwich, wholegrains and veg give you the extra fibre too. You could even try it with sliced nut-roast for a veggie alternative. Toast with cranberry sauce for an extra crunch! 

Veggie soup.

  • If you have a surplus of carrots and parsnips knocking about in your fridge, try roasting them for a delicious veggie soup. With fresh thyme and rosemary, you can create a warming root veg soup perfect for the cold days. Try freezing your soup in tupperware. 

All-the-leftovers stew.

  • We call this one, throw everything in a pan. Quite literally! Add all your veggies, potatoes, stuffing and leftover meat into a pan to create a one pot wonder. Add stock, plenty of herbs and spices and you have yourself a family-friendly dinner. 

Tips to avoid food waste:

Plan ahead and stick to your list. There is still room to be creative with what you have.

Where you can, support local butchers and green-grocers where you can buy loose produce. 

Ask around if anyone is happy to take leftovers - it’s the season of giving after all!

Freeze your meals and label them - you will thank yourself later. 


It is important to be mindful of our food waste, particularly during the holiday season. Our say no to waste tips will have you using every last scrap of leftover Christmas food, reducing your waste and encouraging you to have a more sustainable holiday.