Q&A with tempeh founders Club Cultured

This week we sat down with London-based tempeh brand, Club Cultured. Kurami are proud to have been incorporating their tempeh into our dishes for over a year now with our clients loving it's unique, creamy taste. Founders, James, Harry & Connor combined their passion for food & culture and after a spontaneous trip to Bali, discovered tempeh for the first time; the rest was history!

Tell us a little bit about Club Culture : how did it start? 

This passion was first ignited when we embarked on a life-changing adventure around the world. We were able to experience an array of different worldly cultures and traditions, flavours, and freedom like never before. 

Our trip to Bali is where we discovered tempeh for the first time; we developed a fascination for its unique flavour and texture, which was enough for us to decide that we were ready to take on a whole new adventure, even more exciting than the one that we were already on. An adventure that included learning all about fermentation, experimenting, and taking the first real step into the London food scene. 

What has been one of your biggest achievements since the start?

We recently started working with Mildreds and Wagamamas which has been a huge achievement for us, and we now also have merch available on our website! The talented chefs at Mildreds and Wagamamas have created some amazing, flavour filled dishes with our tempeh, including Tempeh Ssambap (lettuce cups filled with Korean style tempeh). 

 What is different about your tempeh? 

Being one of the few brands that manufacture the Tempeh themselves we get to control the process from start to finish, this allows us to be deeply involved with the fermentation. Of course being able to impart so much love is a vital ingredient too, this is why we let the Club choose what music to play to the Tempeh whilst it is working it’s magic in the fermentation chamber. 

 What are your three favourite ways to cook and / or prepare tempeh? 

What is great about Tempeh is that it works across all cuisines in many different ways but some of my favourite dishes are;

Tempeh Ceviche - this is one for a lovely summer day and a real show stopper to impress your guests! The citrus flavours and the texture of our fresh Tempeh works like a dream.

Tempeh Katsu - recreate one of your favourite takeaways at home with this dish. The natural meatiness of Tempeh is a great option for a katsu. We recently begun working with Wagamama's, and you can find a delicious tempeh Katsu salad on their menu.

Tempeh Dansak - I like to take a block of our Tempeh to our local Indian restaurant and get them to make me a Tempeh Dansak with it which is always sososo goood.

If you'd like to get your hands on our delicious, locally sourced tempeh, explore our meal path options.