Q&A with Entrepreneur & wellness founder

This week we spoke with Entrepreneur and founder of a London-based stretching studio, Aida Yahaya. We discussed her inspiration for creating Good Stretch, favourite foods, and what a day in the life of a business owner looks like. 

Q1. Where does your passion for corporate wellbeing come from?
In recent years employee wellbeing has been brought to the forefront of the corporate agenda. The pandemic has further highlighted the growing importance of wellbeing in the workplace, with more businesses beginning to invest in ways to take care of their employees. Corporate wellbeing not only benefits those who work for the company, but also the company itself.  There is the direct link between employee wellbeing and performance with evidence showing a healthy and happy workforce is more productive, motivated and engaged.

Q2. Where did the inspiration for good stretch come from?
The idea for Good Stretch came from the frustration that, although London is full of yoga classes, there are very few professional studios that specialise in providing effective training for stretching in central London. Having experienced the popularity of stretching classes in other parts of the world, nothing beats that great feeling and self-confidence boost after a good stretch. We wanted to give more people the opportunity to achieve that feeling too. When you’re stretching, you’re not only working on your muscles, but you’re calming your mind, and you get a release of endorphins which makes you feel better when you leave class.
With the rapid increase in online virtual sessions taking over the internet by storm, we assure you that our sessions are like no other in terms of flexibility and fun! It’s new, innovative and artistically simple”

Q3: Can you tell us more about the pillars of wellness that you focus on?
Our health and happiness are driven by all the little decisions we make every day. We think that these five things which collectively have a huge impact on our physical and mental health – eating healthy food, exercise, mindfulness, sleep and hydration. We call these our 5 pillars of wellness

Q4: Why is Nutrition so important when it comes to our wellness?
Nutrition is a crucial component of our wellness. What we put into our bodies has a direct effect on the maintenance of our wellness. Food is energy. Eating healthy food  accompanied by regular exercise is essential in maintaining physical and mental health and wellbeing.The muscles you engage during exercise, whether it’s cardio, resistance training or flexibility work, rely on the nutrition you provide them through your diet. Supplying your body with nutrients before you work out, after you work out and in the recovery period between workouts can impact the quality of your session and affect your fitness goals.

Q5: What are some of your favourite wellness rituals?
Wake up early to have some time for yourself, do a short stretching routine to boost your energy, drink water before your breakfast and get ready for the day!

Q6: What are some of your favourite foods to eat?
Personally, I prefer salads, something fresh, sushi and sometimes pasta!

Q7: What does a day in the life of a founder look like?
It’s hard for me to describe a ‘typical day’ being a business owner and mom, I’m trying to juggle both. My day starts at 7 am. While my baby is sleeping I'm doing my morning beauty rituals catching up with my work emails, then having a light breakfast with a cup of coffee.  Around lunch time I'm usually spending time with my daughter, in between her naps I'm working, and evening - dinner time is always family time.

Q8:  And lastly, what advice would you give anyone looking to begin a business in wellness? 
It's a very difficult and competitive  market, but with passion and a good team you could do everything!

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