Nutrition & work productivity

There is no question that productivity and food are inexplicably linked. With unhealthy foods responsible for a 66% increased risk of loss of work productivity, workplaces have a distinct level of responsibility to encourage their employees to eat a more balanced, nutritious diet. Not only as an employee investment tool, but to encourage team morale, workplace positivity, motivation and creativity to complete every-day work tasks.

A diet rich in plant variety encourages our gut microbiomes to be happy and healthy, equating to improved skin health, mental health, and digestion; factors that all impact our overall health and wellness. When we fail to provide our body with sufficient nutrients, energy levels suffer, concentration and productivity is compromised, and we can become irritable and stressed.

Studies have shown that the more fruits and vegetables people consume, the happier, more engaged and creative they tend to be. Such improvements are particularly relevant within a working environment, as according to Bupa UK, over 11 million working days are lost yearly to work-related stress, anxiety and depression. 

Currently, the average daily fibre consumption is around 18g daily, which is below the national recommended guidelines of 30g per day. Nonetheless, while the national guidelines are aimed at preventing disease, the benefits described above require 50g of fibre daily.

Whilst office biscuits, cakes & sweet treats might seem like a quick and easy, team snack, research shows that consuming a lot of carbohydrates in one sitting has a negative impact on productivity levels. With mood and cognition greatly influenced, ability to focus and produce efficiently is lost. Instead, the focus should be on dietary diversity, bright colours, nutrient density and fibre content.

At  Kurami, we include a wide range of plant varieties in our meals, because we know the importance of giving people the nutrition they need to be the best version of themselves. Employees value lunch as one of their favourite perks, which is why taking care of staff from a health and nutrition standpoint allows you to nurture your workforce. 


For any office catering events, you can relax knowing that your employees are being nourished from within with their Nutritionist-approved, Kurami dishes. We use heroic ingredients that are rich in fibre and plant variety. It’s time to invest in your health and those around you. Place your order here