Your romantic meal kit for a cosy night at home

Sit back, relax and let our Kurami chefs do the cooking for you. Bring a touch of vibrancy to your kitchen this February with a nourishing meal path, perfect for date night, dinner with your partner, or a moment of sit down ‘me time’ that we all deserve. Delivered straight to your door and ready to heat or eat, our Nutritionist approved dishes are sure to impress your loved one and tantalise your tastebuds.

Get 10% off your first time order and select your Kurami meal path delivery for February 14th.

Valentines day menu 


Tofu pancakes with a fig and date compote


Carrot & Banana muffin


Kurami Ratatouille with Vegan Kofta or Chicken 


Not Your Average Rice with Tofu 


Chai Kuramylk