Protein-rich Kurami meals

We have listened to your feedback and for our current, new spring-summer menu, we included even more protein to keep you full, powered and satisfied throughout the day. Also, while we believe that soy is a wholesome, vitamin and mineral-rich plant source of a complete protein, we’ve heard your requests. Our chef team together with our nutritionist have worked hard to be creative and innovative to produce a high-protein menu using less soy and more plant alternatives, like our own chickpea and lentil tofu, and creating high-protein without soy dishes like the ones below:

Powerbowl - We are proud to introduce our new powerbowl! Combining sources like chickpeas, pea protein, nutritional yeast and a mix of seeds, our new bowl contains 19g of plant-based protein without soy. It will give you the power boost you need, while pickled gherkins alongside 14 plant varieties will nourish your gut.

Protein shakes - A new addition to our SMP and SMP+ meal paths, our home-made strawberry or blueberry shakes are low in sugar, a source of fibre containing 8 plant varieties, and provide the protein boost you have been asking for!

Sweet potato gnocchi - If you didn’t think comfort food can be balanced and nutritious, think again! Our new and colourful sweet potato gnocchi come in pink and blue, due to extra plant antioxidants we’ve added to the meal. The colours are not only good for the gut, but also satisfying to eat, while 17g of protein per serving will help you stay fuller for longer and avoid an energy crash. A high content of vitamin B12 will add to the fight against chronic fatigue.

G-burger with spiced cauliflower - Another star, non-soy, high protein dish, containing a new and improved version of our G burger and 25 plant varieties. Keeping in mind that 30 is the minimum plants recommended per week, we are giving you almost all of it in one meal! Additional benefits include being high in vitamin B12 and a source of iron, both which contribute towards helping you feel energetic, avoid chronic fatigue and brain fog, and keep you cognitively sharp.