Tips for eating on-the-go

As lockdown restrictions end and we enter a more relaxed way of life, many of us are lucky enough to be spending more time outside of our homes; taking trips to the beach, enjoying short stay-cations and spending quality time with our families. Just because you are on the move more often, and have less time available to think about cooking, it does not mean your nutrition goals have to take a backseat.

Eating on-the-go can sometimes mean we opt for food  which might be higher in saturated fat, salt and sugar, and are limited to less nutritionally-dense options. This is often the case if we are busy with work, or with little-ones. Whilst these foods offer a quick and easy solution to hunger, their nutritional value can often mean that we are left not as satisfied as we had hoped.

Fill up with protein

Supplying our body with an adequate protein intake allows us to stay fuller for longer, which means that you are less likely to reach out for snacks throughout the day. What we are talking about is not protein shakes or drinks. At Kurami, we proudly source only the finest quality of free range, organic meat, certified by the Soil Association. Our selection of fish includes the well-loved, British, chalk stream trout and salmon, and we also offer plant-based protein options, like our delicious chickpea tofu. 

Smart snacking

Why not try swapping out your chocolate bar or crisps for alternatives such as dark chocolate, nuts and seeds, or even dried fruit? Yoghurts also make a great snack! Our homemade KuYo with choco nut mix is low in sugar, high in fibre and will satisfy your sweet cravings with it’s cacao and goji berry mix. Our signature truffles can be popped in your bag and enjoyed on the train, at the beach, and on those long car journeys.

Prep your food

Prep prep and more prep! Not everyone has the time to research, plan and prepare their meals. At Kurami, we supply your breakfast, lunch and dinner, alongside snacks and drinks in an easy to eat format. We make sure you reach your 5 plant varieties per day, and 30g of recommended fibre. See what a weekly menu looks like here. For recipe inspiration, why not try our carribean curry? We guarantee the entire family will love it!

Do not skip breakfast 

We have all heard the saying, “breakfast like a king”. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And truth be told, it is not wrong! Eating a nutritionist breakfast sets us up for the day and puts us on the path to success. 


Kurami are here to support you and your family, with our signature and calorie controlled meal paths. We work hard to ensure that you reach your nutrition goals, whether that be physically, or mentally. You can get *10% off your first Kurami order by signing up to our weekly newsletter. 

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