World Health Day: What Does Health Look Like to You?

What Does Health Look Like to You?

World Health Day 2021 serves as a beautiful celebration. At Kurami, we believe that good health serves as the foundation of happiness, energy, and self love. However, it is important to think about what health really and truly means.

Health is officially defined as “a person’s mental or physical condition”. The journey to achieving good health looks different to everyone, and within this process there are many factors that are to be considered.

What are a few of the factors to be considered?

As defined by Oxford Dictionary, health is an individual’s mental or physical condition, therefore it is important that both of these aspects are being taken care of. 

Being active and eating a nourishing, balanced and high fibre diet can have positive effects on your physical health. However, good quality health goes beyond this. If you are neglecting your mental health, this can impact you both emotionally and physically.

An example is the effect of stress on hair loss. Dr. Sharon Wong, hair specialist and consultant dermatologist, states that:

We have biologically matched stress as a pathway to the cause of hair loss, so we know that stress can increase the amount of cortisol being produced by the body, creating a highly inflammatory environment. This disrupts the nerve endings in the skin, altogether disturbing hair growth. The event of experiencing hair loss can also quickly become stressful in itself! This can drive further hair loss, leading into a vicious cycle. 

With this being only one of the many examples of the causes that stress has on the body, it shows the importance of finding true balance in nourishing your body right, as well as your mind. This can be practiced through living a balanced lifestyle.

What does a balanced lifestyle look like?

Balance and self care looks different to everyone; this is due to the differences in our cultural upbringing, the environment that we are situated in, and our unique genetic design. Therefore, it is important that you stray away from comparison when finding your personalised style of balance.

Balance can be achieved from eating a nourishing diet and practicing HIIT workouts multiple times a week or taking daily gentle jogs, whilst listening to your body when cravings arrive, or when rest calls. It can also be achieved by going on daily walks and devoting the first few hours of the day to yourself. 

Balance looks different to everybody, however it is anything but a stress-induced and restrictive lifestyle. 


Celebrate World Health Day by celebrating yourself. Do what makes you feel your strongest, clearest, and most nourished, and begin to incorporate these practices into your daily routine.

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Discover beauty from within. Order your meal path today, and let us bring balance to your doorstep.


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