Nourish, fuel, and grow together.

A balanced way of eating encourages team morale, workplace positivity, motivation and creativity in the workplace. Did you know that 60% of employees ranked meals & snacks in the top 3 office perks?

Kurami is nutritionist designed, and chef crafted, to help fuel teams and maintain gut-health through the power of food. Take care of your teams and improve productivity and morale, by making a tangible difference in their daily office lives.

We offer lunch & dinner options, snacks and drinks to nourish and fuel your teams.

Office | Dish of the Day


Order our seasonal, fresh and healthy dish of the day for your team today!

Nutritionist approved and Chef crafted meals. Delivery to your London office.

Order for 5 and enjoy free delivery!
Someone with allergies?


How can I place an order?

We have devised to simple options for you to place your order.

1. Buy Now: Receive our dish of the day, delivered straight to your office on your desired date. Simply add the number of people who will be dining, and their preferences and sit back and relax. We deliver seasonal, delicious dishes to your office without the hassle.

2. Custom Meal Request: if you would like to pick your dish options, place a more complex order or have any special requests, then get in touch with us and we will get back to you via email to secure your order.

Delivery: how does it work?

We can deliver your meals in the morning, between 6:30am-9:30am. If you would like to receive your meals outside of this delivery window, please respond to your order confirmation and we will arrange this for you. Kindly note that this may be subject to an additional fee.

What is the minimum order?

Orders above £45 receive free delivery!

Does the food arrive hot or cold?

All our meals are delivered cold. Most of our dishes will need to be warmed up to enjoy them to the fullest. Heating instructions for each meal are included in your box.

Are the dishes individually wrapped?

All of our dishes are individually wrapped to ensure food safety.

Do you dishes contain gluten or dairy?

All Kurami meals are made without ingredients that contain gluten, or dairy.