Kurami flavours go global

With international travel still being very limited, how wonderful is it to try new flavours from around the globe. At Kurami, we understand how important food is in shaping our travel experience, and we hope to help recreate this from our London kitchen, at least for now! 

We take inspiration from this cultural melting pot and flavours from different parts of the world to incorporate these into our dishes. We appreciate the importance to keep it simple, this is why our focus is to create a robust menu based on sustainably sourced ingredients, and bring forth quality and tantalising flavours which we know our community would value and appreciate. 

We have put together some of our favourite Kurami dishes inspired by cuisines around the world that will leave you feeling as if you have been on a holiday!

A well loved Southeast Asian dish, our Kurami Laksa is rich in plant goodness and flavours that boast of umami, different herbs and spices. With a strong umami flavour and a classic Laksa base, it is enriched with brown rice noodles, fresh vegetables and a source of protein. 

Our Morrocanstyle tagine combines warming and zesty flavours with a hearty vegetable base, paired with sorghum or amaranth (both ancient grains) packed with fibre, that help you feel fuller for longer. Our signature tagine is cooked with olives and fennel, and is low in saturated fat and salt paired with chicken or chickpeas as a source of protein.

Inspired by the flavours of Vietnam, our rice paper rolls are complemented by a sweet and spicy pineapple dipping sauce, designed as a refreshing and tangy main meal. Filled with tofu or prawns, our Kurami Vietnamese rolls are low in saturated fat and a source of protein. 

Which one would you choose?


Embracing new foods allows us to explore and appreciate different cultures and their signature dishes. With Kurami, you can treat your taste buds and try something new each day of the week. We curate nutritious meal paths with a unique focus on the gut. On average, we include more than 30 varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs in just one-week of our meal paths, therefore providing you with an abundance of fibre-rich, gut-supporting foods in our flavour-filled and chef-crafted meals.

Allow us to pamper you, and bring culture to your very doorstep. Order your meal path today, and discover beauty from within.