Debunking Digestion Myths, from a Nutritionist and a Doctor

It's World Digestive Health Day, and if you suffer with some form of digestive issue, know that you are not alone! They are far more common than many of us think, and can vary with symptoms of bloating, indigestion or constipation, amongst others.

With this being said, an overwhelming amount of information on the internet can cause difficulty deciphering between fact and myth, causing confusion amongst many digestive health sufferers. What to believe?

At Kurami, we’re supporting World Digestive Health day, and highlighting the vital importance of gut health, and how taking care of your second brain can leave you feeling more vibrant, positive, and in turn, promote better digestion. Our meal plans are tailored with plant vibrancy and variety, and we ensure you reach your 30 grams of recommended fibre per day. 

This week, we sat down with Microbiome Researcher and Medical Doctor, Dr Anthony Rafferty to discuss common digestion myths, and common digestive problems. You can watch our Instagram Live here.


It's incredibly important that we take the time and really look after our digestion, as it's impact on our overall health and wellbeing is enormous. For more tips on digestion, you can also read our recipe for improved digestion blog here