Q&A with dancer, writer & spiritual healer

Another week, another founder Q&A. This time we were joined by Karen, a writer, dancer, spiritual healer, and the founder of Kalmar. Kalmar is a lifestyle brand designed to instantly lift your energy & mood, based around the positive energies of Joy, Calm, Peace and Love. Take a read below to find out what the day in the life of a wellness founder looks like, Karen’s favourite foods to stay healthy, and the impact of her upbringing in Paris and Morocco on entrepreneurship and journey to founding her own business.

Where does your passion for spiritual healing and wellness come from?

At the age of 28 during a career in finance, I had a spiritual awakening to stop and listen to my inner voice. I started a deep spiritual path discovering my own soul journey. then I realised my journey was here to be shared and help others in this quest. My calling was to become a spiritual healer and writer. On my journey, I’ve always known the power of words and scents as their vibrations and energy help people connect to their true selves and the good energies needed in everyday life. So, I created Kalmar to empower people to instantly change how they feel through intention setting and realigning to the positive energies of Joy, Calm, Peace and Love through the power of the senses.

How did the inspiration and idea for Kalmar start?

After my spiritual awakening, I wanted to create something that could empower others to instantly change how they feel and connect to themselves on a deeper level. With Kalmar, we have created a complete well-being experience which allows others to access some of what I have made my life’s work – realigning the mind, body and soul through energy and intention- setting, allowing every individual to move forward on their unique journey to wellbeing.

How is Kalmar different from other brands? What is your messaging?

Kalmar is much more than just a body care brand; it is a lifestyle. Prioritising your overall well-being with daily rituals, helping you to realign your mind, body, and soul. Our body has all the answers we need, we need to listen to what it is that we truly want and feel and embrace it. We are in charge of our lives; we decide what we want to do and how we want to feel. We need to connect to our deeper selves to find the questions and Kalmar will help you with that. All our products bring to you this intention of self-care and rituals.

Being born in Morocco and raised in Paris, how did this influence your journey?

I have always been deeply connected to Morocco. It is a country and a culture that is very grounded into the senses, the connection to Mother Earth and has an amazing tradition in self-care. The land there has healing properties, and I could feel that power whenever I would go. The earth gives us so much and I could find my Peace and Joy when I was there. A lot of the ingredients used in our products are ingredients I find in Morocco, like Argan Oil.

What are some of your favourite foods to eat to help you feel your best?

I feel best when I listen to what my body needs. As I mentioned before, we have all the answers and the sooner we listen to our bodies the sooner we will live in harmony.
But I love my vegetables, raw for lunch and cooked for dinner, I love my fruits, my nuts and seeds and bread, dark chocolate and cookies. I am not keen on animal protein, my stomach loves light foods to digest so I would chose fish when I need the protein.

What are your top 3 favourite products from your range?

I absolutely adore the Calm Shower Cream! It leaves my skin feeling soft and slightly scented with Iris, Lavender and Violet. I also love our newest launch Peace Hand & Body Wash and Lotion! They are the perfect addition to any washroom and the smell and feel of the product are magical. Lastly, the Love Body & Massage Oil is wonderful for deeply nourishing your skin and awaken your inner goddess.

And lastly, can you take our followers through a typical day in the life of a wellness founder, writer, dancer and spiritual healer?

For me I like to set myself up for the day, reaching this energy of peace and unity is the force behind my creativity. Every morning I wake up and I roll out my yoga mat. And here I start my ritual. 30 minutes of stretching and some yoga routine. I light my Peace Candle and apply my Peace Balm of Serenity before my short meditation to get me started for a beautiful day, in touch with body, breath and heart. Depending on my mood I would use either the Joy Scrub or the Calm Shower Cream. I head to the House of Kalmar to talk to the team before I make my way downstairs to my studio for my dancing session. I always end my day with applying either a Body & Massage Oil or a Cream, lately my favourite has been the Calm Body Cream as it is very cooling. Whenever I can I try to have a very balancing treatment in the house of Kalmar with one of our very talented therapists.