Mood-boosting protein smoothie

A mood-boosting diet is one filled with colours, plant variety and fermented foods. Here is a high-protein summery pineapple protein smoothie for a quick, light breakfast to start your day on a high note. This one is packed with 17g of plant protein!

See ingredient list and learn about the benefits of each ingredient.

You will need:

50g yoghurt - we used our in-house, protein-enriched coconut KuYo, you can also try with cashew yoghurt or your go-to plant-based alternative. This provides some protein and healthy fats.

80g pineapple - use frozen chunks for convenience or add some ice cubes if you’re using fresh fruit. This is a source of antioxidants and bromelain, an enzyme that helps digest protein and is known for its powers to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation.

1 medjool date, pitted - contains calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and manganese, as well as some B vitamins.

150ml cashew milk (you may need more to adjust for desired consistency)

100ml kefir - choose your plant-based alternative. This is a “live” food, otherwise known as a probiotic, helping good gut bacteria to flourish.

10g plant protein powder. Adding this for extra satiety.

Method: Blend all ingredients in a food processor and uplift your mood! (Under 300 kcal)