Q&A with female-led activewear founder

This week we chatted to yoga teacher, self-love advocate and founder of inclusive activewear brand Lula activewear. Having lived in Australia surrounded by beaches, Carley was challenged by her own body confidence issues from an early age. Her passion for female inclusivity, and her 14 year old toy poodle named Lula, meant that years later, Lula activewear was born; supplying beautiful activewear to beautiful women of all shapes and sizes.

Q1. Where does your passion for self-love and wellbeing come from?

It’s been a long journey and one that’s never ending. As a teenager I was extremely insecure about my body shape. I would regularly have a detention for refusing to go swimming at school. I lived in Australia and would not go to the beach in a bikini or even wear leggings because I was embarrassed of my shape.

The whole body confidence part is only one part of self love, the mental part is really where it all starts and that has been a very long challenging journey for me, I can still be triggered now but at least I’m aware. When I started yoga I think my mindset and my mental and physical well being changed a lot! I think mostly the passion for it comes from knowing how good it feels to love yourself unconditionally, not allowing anyone or anything or your own thoughts to bring you down, and nourishing yourself physically & mentally in the very best ways. I am passionate about sharing this with others so that they can live their very best lives and spend time and energy on things that truly matter. 

Q2. How did the inspiration and idea for Lula activewear start? 

I had wanted to start my own business for a long time. I have a friend who has her own successful coaching business she has built from scratch on social media and she really inspired me sharing her tips, so I decided to start! Lula is my 14 year old toy poodle and the love of my life, so it was only natural it would be named after her. Lula activewear is high performance activewear suitable for all active pursuits but the bright prints are especially popular with yogis and also reflect Lula’s bright personality.

Q3. How is Lula activewear different from other activewear brands? What is your messaging?

Lula Activewear is beautiful activewear for incredible women. We celebrate all shapes and sizes. We want all women to feel great wearing our activewear. Our leggings range from XS all the way up to a 6XL.

We only make what we need. When an order is placed, the leggings are made and printed so there is no waste or left over stock ending up in landfill. Our leggings are made from a high performance material, and are high waisted so they don’t slip down during yoga or when squatting.

Q4: How important is nutrition when it comes to you feeling and performing at your best?

Really important, it makes such a difference to the way I feel. I did a bikini fitness competition a few years ago and am a qualified personal trainer, so have learnt a lot about nutrition through that, but also through yoga studies and in general over the years. I have just started a 10 week mindset course so I’m looking to get back on track in a serious way with my nutrition!

Q5: What are some of your favourite wellness rituals?

I love wellness rituals and always really love trying new things. In winter, my favourite ritual is having an Epsom salt bath at night while listening to an ebook or podcast followed by a face mask and my night time meditation or binaural beats. 

I recently had a lymphatic drainage massage and loved that; would love to have them more regularly.

I also love scripting and journaling, and I’m really into manifestation. 

Q6: What are some of your favourite foods to eat to help you feel your best?

I feel my best on a fairly high fat high protein diet with less carbs, but I am also a chocoholic. I am a huge fan of oily fish and love salmon cooked any way, or salmon sashimi. Right now in this warm weather, I love having Greek yoghurt with organic fruit, nuts & raw cacao. 

Q7: And lastly, can you take our followers through a typical day in the life of an activewear founder & yoga teacher?

I usually start my mornings teaching yoga, followed by a big walk in the park and playtime with my two toy poodles. Then onto meditation and a few hours of work on my laptop. After that, a yoga class, reformer pilates or gym time, before more time spent on my laptop or social media or online meetings. In the late afternoon/evening, I enjoy another walk with my dogs before dinner. I love to switch off around 10pm and fall asleep to a meditation after listing 10 things I am grateful for that day!