Your guide to a balanced Kurami Summer

With Summer still in full swing, there is plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine. Our Kurami summer guide is the ideal, quick-read checklist that is sure to enhance the next month or two.

A BBQ feast

Stuck for meal inspiration when the weather is a little warmer? We have you covered! Take a look at our 20 plant variety salad, or our symbiotic bark recipe that is a delicious cooling desert. Lastly, don't forget about these homemade Live culture ice lollies that are an extra treat for your gut bugs. 

Get moving

This Summer, we have collaborated with our friends over at Urwell to bring you a 10 minute, lower body workout, perfect for firing up those glutes. We challenge you to move your body daily and feel the benefits.

Stay hydrated

If you are someone who struggles to keep up your water intake, try some of our favourite combinations. Infusing your water with fruits and fresh herbs is a great way to hydrate. ⤵️

🍋 Water with a slice of cucumber & lemon
🍓 Strawberry infused water
🍊 Orange infused water
🧋Cooling iced tea

And, as August comes to a close and the kids get back to school, you might be looking to free up some extra time and relieve yourself of the added pressures of cooking. By signing up to our weekly meal paths, you get to enjoy 4 deliveries every week of of nutritiously dense, chef-crafted foods.